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Cincinnati Commercial/Office Moving

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When your business or office is ready to move in Cincinnati, whether you need more space or a new location, you need a dependable, experienced city commercial moving company to plan and coordinate your move. Since 1922, Bell Moving & Storage has proudly been one of the best Cincinnati office movers, providing award winning commercial moving services. You have a business to run, clients to please, and employees to manage. Bell Moving & Storage will take the stress and hassle from your Cincinnati commercial move. We go above and beyond to exceed our customer’s expectations with each and every move.

Commercial/Office Moving with Bell Moving & Storage

Bell Moving & Storage makes Cincinnati office moving simple and efficient. Our Cincinnati commercial moving services are performed by highly professional, skilled teams that are capable of moving your business quickly and carefully, so you can keep your business running smoothly.

Small Office Moving

Small commercial office moves use a scaled down crew size and equipment, focusing on rolling goods to and from the truck as most offices don’t have stairs. Services can be scheduled for day or night to fit any time frame.

Large Office Moving

Large commercial office moving requires a detailed move plan, coordinating with vendors, facility managers, and property management, and executing the plan per your specifications to provide efficient and cost-effective services while limiting downtime. Large office moves include Medical Clinics, Hospitals, Financial Institutions, Law Firms, Banks, Insurance Companies, Architecture Firms, Call Centers, Restaurants, Title/Real Estate Companies and Government Agencies.

Retail Store Moving

Moving a retail store requires an expert plan for packing, moving, storing, and positioning items in the new location. Inventory, confidential records, and other valuable items will be safeguarded during the move.

Industrial, Lab, and Biotech Moving

Industrial moving, such as factories, laboratories, and biotech companies, involves transporting sensitive equipment, fixtures, and technology. This can involve using climate-controlled vehicles, specialized moving equipment, custom wrapping, equipment cleaning, disposal and recycling services for unwanted items, and electronics relocations and connections.


Relocating a warehouse requires experienced movers who understand the logistics and complexity of a large moving operation and what can go wrong, and who know the fastest way of ensuring your stock is unpacked and accessible.


Machinery moving, especially heavy machinery weighing from 40,000 to 100,000 lbs, requires specialized equipment designed to protect valuable assets during a move.

School & University Moving

Moving schools and universities involves moving administrative offices and departments, installation of dorm and office furniture, facilities support, student move-in and move-out of dorms, relocating professors, administrators and coaches, and laboratory and library moving.

Hotel renovations (FF&E)

Furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E) are a vital part of a hotel’s business. These assets need to be treated with care and stored or installed to meet customer requirements.

Event logistics

Event logistics are critical to pulling off large-scale events such as races, walks, fundraisers, conferences, festivals, and more. Every event detail must be flawless, such as warehousing, moving, set up, and break down equipment used for exhibits, booths, etc.


Warehousing services include short-term storage for a move or renovation, or long-term storage for furniture, assets, or supplies.

Hiring a Professional, Bell Moving & Storage – Top Reasons

Coordinating a Cincinnati commercial move can be a full-time job. At Bell Moving & Storage, we are committed to designing a solution to meet your needs and stay within your budget.
When hiring Bell Moving & Storage, you get a top-rated Cincinnati commercial moving company that has a proven track record managing relocations for companies big and small in the Cincinnati area. Whether you’re looking to migrate two blocks away or across the city, you want highly skilled, Cincinnati office movers to get you there. Here are the top reasons to hire a professional Cincinnati commercial mover:

  • Disassembly of furniture, desks, and cubicles as well as reassembly at the new location
  • Packing and loading of all items both large and small
  • Unplugging and safe transport of computer hardware and data wires
  • Disposal of trash, old documents, and other outdated materials
  • Safe truck delivery and unloading once arriving at the next space

Cincinnati commercial moving requires specialized equipment in order to limit damage. Mobile cranes, forklifts, and boom lifts, as well as skilled equipment operators are important to your Cincinnati commercial relocation. Versa-lift mobile lifts, self-propelled transporters and air bearing dollies move and place extremely heavy and/or delicate equipment.

A Cincinnati office relocation requires planning. Here is an office relocation checklist of items to plan on:

1. Inform employees of the upcoming move, as early as possible.
2. Determine the required space needed in the new office.
3. Select the new office location and negotiate a lease.
4. Work with an office space planner on design and buildout.
5. Work with your IT department head in planning the new office infrastructure.
6. Consider replacing outdated equipment and furnishings.
7. Purge unnecessary files and move paper records to digital or offsite.
7. Update all marketing collateral, including the company website, brochures,  stationary, business cards, etc.
8. Notify customers and vendors about the upcoming relocation.

Cincinnati Office Moving Cost

Most commercial city moving companies in Cincinnati will give you a free quote for services. The cost of the job will depend on the type of move you require, how far your move is, how many movers are needed, and how much pre and post work is involved by the Cincinnati moving company. A small office might cost as little as $200 to $300, whereas a large city office move can cost considerably more. Bell Moving & Storage is an affordable Cincinnati commercial mover. Give us a call and we’ll prepare a free quote for you.

Choosing the Best Cincinnati Office Moving Company

In order to choose the best city commercial moving company in Cincinnati, here are some things to consider:

1. Research the top-rated Cincinnati office moving companies. Read customer reviews, and check if they have a listing on the Better Business Bureau. Confirm that they are properly licensed and insured.
2. See how long the commercial office mover has been in business. In a fluctuating economy, only the best in the industry tend to survive. Consider using a well-established Cincinnati commercial mover with extensive experience. Be careful to not only look for the number of years a commercial city mover has been around, but also how many years of experience they have in office relocations.
3. When contacting different Cincinnati office movers, make note of your first impression of the level of professionalism they display.
4. A commercial move in Cincinnati, whether big or small, requires time, planning, and communication. Choose a commercial moving company that can walk you through the entire process and provide clear, timely communication.
5. Online price quotes usually provide a fairly accurate cost estimate for Cincinnati office movers, but you will need a custom quote since all jobs are unique.
6. Make sure the quote you receive outlines clearly what the services to be provided are and the charge for each service. Find out how the company sets pricing, whether it’s by square footage, volume, or the number of hours the job takes.

For almost a hundred years, Bell Moving & Storage has been helping businesses in Cincinnati relocate into new offices. We have the experience and skill to make every step of your relocation go smoothly. More importantly, we won’t only meet your Cincinnati commercial moving needs, we will exceed your expectations.


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