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Columbus Full Service Storage

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When moving in Columbus, there are many reasons why you might need to store your belongings before or after a move. Maybe you need to relocate quickly and don’t have time to sell or transport everything. You might be waiting until your new home is ready, or you may need to store most of your belongings while away at school. No matter what the reason is, Bell Moving & Storage can store your items in Columbus and all of the Columbus OH Metropolitan Area for as long as you need, safely and securely.

Columbus Full Service Storage Options

Our Columbus moving and storage services offer you many ways to store your belongings when you’re relocating or just need storage. All of our Columbus storage solutions are in our safe and secure, climate-controlled warehouse with 24/7 monitoring.

Our professional Columbus moving and storage company will pick up your belongings from your residence, ensure they are securely packed or wrapped, and load them into a vault or rack. Larger items may be loaded onto a pallet or stored in the oversized area. When your items are stored, the location is documented, and you receive a copy of the inventory stored. Depending on the items you are storing and the length of time you plan to store them, our full service storage Columbus options include:

  • Vaulted storage – the most common type of storage unit. Closed, wooden containers meant for storing household goods. Stacked along with other vaults in the warehouse.
  • Racked storage – For large or bulky items that won’t fit well in a vault. Typically includes furniture, fixtures, and equipment.
  • Palletized storage – Storing items on a pallet, either on the floor or on a shelf.

Columbus’s Top Moving & Storage Company Details

If you’re wondering how to choose the best Columbus storage company, you’re in the right place. The truth is not all Columbus moving and storage companies are the same. You want a reliable, professional company with excellent customer service and a trained, experienced crew. Here are some things to look for when researching Columbus movers and storage:

  • Look at their Yelp and Google reviews
  • See how long they’ve been in business
  • Look for how many moves they’ve completed
  • Check their claims rate
  • Make sure they are licensed and insured
  • Check if their movers are trained and experienced
  • Look at how good their customer service is
  • Make sure they meet all your needs are met

Bell Moving & Storage has earned many 5-star reviews, and we’ve been in business for 98+ years, served 100,000+ customers, and have a 98% customer satisfaction rate.

The cost of secure Columbus moving and storage can vary. Our affordable pricing options depend on the number of vaults you need, how often you’ll have to access your belongings, and how long you need to store your items. Call us for a free quote!

Our Columbus storage facility has 24-hour surveillance and fire protection, and it is climate controlled. We offer both long-term and short-term storage options in Columbus. You can access your vaults at any time as long as you give us advanced notice and pay a warehouse handling fee. We protect your furniture with pad wraps or shrink wrap. We give you an itemized inventory of all your belongings stored in our Columbus storage warehouse.

Reasons People Store at Columbus’s Best Full-Service Storage Company

Here are some of the top reasons why people use full-service storage in Columbus:

Downsizing when moving

This is common for empty-nesters or retirees looking for a simpler life and lower cost of living. People store items they are going to sell but don’t have room for.

Living in temporary housing

People building a home that isn’t ready yet or those who need to move to Columbus quickly for a new job or military deployment typically need temporary housing and a storage solution.

Leaving vehicles behind

Some people can’t take all their cars, boats, etc., with them during the initial move. They can put them in storage and come back to get them later.

Not enough room

Some people move to homes, apartments, or college dorms that don’t fit some of the belongings they want to keep. Full-service storage allows them to store these items until they eventually move into a place where they do fit.

Shipping possessions in advance

People who need or want to ship possessions in advance can store them in a Columbus full-storage warehouse until they arrive.

Staging a home for resale

To help sell their homes faster, some people stage them, which means they have to move their belongings somewhere else. Full-service Columbus storage is a perfect option.

People store many different items with Columbus moving and storage companies. Typical items are household goods and furniture. But other items include pianos, artwork, appliances, electronics, and seasonal decorations.

If you’re wondering what the difference is between short and long term storage, short-term storage is typically less than three months. Long term storage can be years or decades! Long-term storage generally requires more protection against things like rust, dust, mold, and other potentially harmful things that can damage your belongings.

You can prepare your belongings for storage by deciding beforehand which items to put in storage. Then, make a list of all items so you don’t forget anything. Make sure the items are clean before you store them. Label your storage bins or boxes so you can easily identify what’s inside. If you can, disassemble large items to save space.

For businesses, Bell Moving & Storage offers special FF&E (furniture, fixtures, and electronic) storage solutions for offices, hotels, and other commercial businesses that include secure storage of office furniture, files, computers, and more.

If you’re moving and looking for a Columbus storage solution, Columbus movers are here to help. Let us take care of all your Columbus and all of the Columbus OH Metropolitan Area moving and storage needs. Give us a call today at 614-503-0035 for your free quote!