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Columbus Local Movers

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Columbus Local Moving Services With Bell Moving

Just because you aren’t moving 1,000 miles away doesn’t make relocation less stressful or time-consuming; no matter the distance, the entire moving process can be overwhelming. Columbus is the largest city in Ohio and a great place to live. If you’re moving to or from locations within a 50 miles radius of each other (without crossing state lines), that’s considered a local relocation.

We’ve handled thousands of local transitions, and we know just how physically and mentally draining they can be. Taking on relocation on your own could take multiple days, trips, and truckloads; short-distance moving companies can complete the job in one day – maybe even before you sit down for dinner. A dedicated team provides peace of mind that your beloved belongings are cared for and protected. 


Columbus moving companies have the necessary tools, supplies, equipment, and attitudes to curated and execute a quick and easy transition to your new residence. Imagine how simple your move will feel when you have a moving coordinator walking you through the entire process.


Bell Moving has been serving Columbus, OH, and all of the Columbus, OH, Metropolitan Area as expert Columbus local movers for over 100 years; we have the expertise that you (and your belongings) deserve!

Hiring Columbus Local Movers - Top Reasons

Hiring a team to handle the heavy lifting comes with many great benefits, but here at the top reasons you should opt for a reputable team instead of doing it alone.

Reduced stress

Picking up your entire life is already stressful enough; why add the additional stressors that relocating induces. You worry about the important things like enrolling your children in school, setting up your wifi, and picking out paint colors – we’ll handle the rest.

Save time

You’re busy enough getting to know the neighborhood, local eateries, and area; save the time you’d spend to wrap, pack, load, unload, and unpack your entire life! Allow trained professionals to preserve your valuable time by taking care of all your relocation needs. They work diligently and efficiently to complete any task you’ve requested.

Save money

Short distance movers will provide all the necessary tools and equipment to carry out your relocation. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on boxes, tape, bubble wrap, wrapping paper, dollies, specialized trucks, and other necessary items and equipment.

They have the experience and expertise

A well-established moving company has years of experience and thousands of successful moves under their belt. 

Provide packing services

Along with being able to assemble and disassemble large furniture items, rearrange furniture as desired, and put certain boxes in your chosen rooms, Columbus local movers will also provide top-notch packing services.

Protect your furniture and home

While unlikely when working with trained professionals, accidents can happen when transporting heavy furniture or equipment. Expert movers take extra-special care of your beloved items to avoid any damages to your home or furniture. 

It's safer

Transporting heavy furniture and boxes is no easy feat. If the proper form, tools, and equipment aren’t used, it can be costly – to your bank account and your health. Allowing trained professionals to handle even the smallest relocation is always a much better idea than possibly injuring yourself or a loved one. 

Columbus Local Moving Specialized Equipment & Training

Aside from efficiency and affordability, hiring top movers is safer than attempting it all on your own. The proper equipment is required for a successful relocation. We have 20 to 26-foot trucks to ensure all your belongings make it to their new home in one trip. Specialized boxes help keep everything safe and secure.

No matter how big the move is, we have the resources to ensure a speedy relocation. Expect your Columbus local movers to have these necessities:

The crew member will be expert movers with specialized training. They will be well-seasoned crew members, who will make your transition easy and comfortable. 

If you need your furniture disassembled and reassembled, our team can help with that too. Furniture assembly can be confusing and time-consuming; it’s best to let the professionals handle it. 

How Much Do Columbus Local Movers Cost?

The rates of local moving services depend on multiple factors. Expect your team to look at the following when formulating a moving quote:

Bell Moving and Storage charges hourly for a local move (must be within 50 miles or less of the origin to destination). This rate charged will depend on the factors explained above. We have a 4-hour minimum and charge from portal to portal. Unlike most companies, we keep the same rates, even on Saturdays. 

Budgeting for a relocation can be hard unless you have a detailed quote. It’s best to contact us for a free, accurate estimate. You’ll receive an affordable price with an experienced crew. 

Columbus Office Moving Companies - Choosing the Best Columbus Office Movers

There are a few signs you’ve found a reliable local moving company to assist with your relocation. There are a handful of qualities that deem a relocation company top-notch. Always look at reviews before hiring a team to see what their other customers are saying about them. 

Here are other factors experienced local movers should offer:

Bell Moving has all of these attributes and more! We have over 98 years of experience serving Columbus, OH, and the entire Columbus, OH, Metropolitan Area. Over this past century, we’ve completed over 100,000 moves and have gained a 98% customer referral rate. We can complete your moving needs with our reliable and hardworking team. 

Even the smallest (or shortest) relocations can be stressful. Don’t think you don’t deserve moving help just because you aren’t traveling 100,000 across the country. You shouldn’t take on this project alone. Hire professional movers to make your life easier. Our team members will go the extra distance to ensure you enjoy this (usually) stressful day. Call Bell Moving and Storage at 614-662-4220 for your local moving needs. We can provide a cost-free, affordable, local moving quote.