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Columbus Commercial Movers

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Relocating a commercial space differs greatly from moving into a new residence. Commercial relocations demand highly specialized equipment and training to guarantee the safety of personnel and prevent any harm to sensitive equipment and valuable items. While you may be a candidate for do-it-yourself personal moves, handling an organization’s assets demands the expertise of professionals. Bell Moving offers superior commercial moving services across Columbus and the greater Columbus OH Metropolitan Area.¬†

What is a Columbus Commercial Move?

A Columbus commercial move is relocating a business or organization from one commercial space to another, as opposed to an individual or family moving homes. The commercial space could be an office, retail space, warehouse, industrial facility, or any other commercial property used for business purposes. 

Compared to residential moves, commercial relocations involve larger and often a higher volume of equipment, machinery, furniture, and fixtures. The larger size and amount of equipment demand the expertise of a highly-trained crew and specialized moving equipment to ensure the job is completed safely and efficiently. 

Professional Columbus commercial moving companies possess the necessary experience and training to transport heavy equipment and provide crucial tools such as hand trucks, forklifts, and furniture blankets. Additionally, commercial moves often occur after business hours to avoid disruptions during the workday, leaving regular maintenance staff and employees unavailable to assist. Seeking assistance from a professional Columbus commercial moving company is the obvious choice to ensure a successful relocation.

Types of Columbus Commercial Moves

Columbus commercial moves can involve many relocation types ranging from manufacturing plants to schools to healthcare facilities. Our experienced team covers Columbus commercial relocations and look forward to helping you with whatever your commercial needs are.

Common Types of Commercial Moves

  • Commercial storage¬†
  • Furniture moves¬†
  • Government offices
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Hotels and motels
  • Industrial facilities
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Medical facilities and labs
  • Retail stores and logistics
  • Office spaces
  • Schools and universities¬†
  • Specialty moves
  • Warehouses

For commercial customers in need of storage during the relocation process, our 15,000 square feet, climate-controlled warehouse features file storage and 24-hour monitoring to ensure the safety and security of your items and paperwork. Our experienced crew understands every relocation will be different and require a specific skill set, but we also know there are a handful of tasks that every commercial relocation requires.

Columbus Commercial Moving Services Include: 

  • Coordination by a dedicated commercial relocation expert¬†
  • Boxes of all sizes and other necessary packing materials and packing supplies
  • Packing services¬†
  • The loading, transporting, and unloading of all boxes and furniture by trained team members

A professional team organizes everything for you and handles the heavy lifting so you can focus on keeping your business operating with minimal disruptions. Be sure to ask us if you need any additional services, we can customize assistance according to your needs and our expertise

The Cost of Columbus Commercial Moves

When planning a commercial move in Columbus, it’s important to know the associated costs. The rates charged by Columbus commercial moving companies depend on various factors, including the project’s complexity. The scale of commercial moves in Columbus can vary widely, ranging from a small office with a handful of employees to a large warehouse filled with heavy machinery. Therefore, it’s difficult to estimate the cost without considering several essential variables.¬†

Some of the key factors that affect the cost of Columbus commercial moves are:

These are only some of the crucial factors, and more information may be needed depending on the specifics of your move. To determine an accurate cost estimate for your upcoming relocation, it’s best to request a free quote. A representative will review your Columbus commercial moving checklist and provide you with an affordable estimate based on the information provided. Both in-person and virtual estimates are available, so don’t hesitate to get started by reaching out today.

Choosing the Best Columbus Commercial Movers

Selecting the right professionals to manage your commercial move is crucial. Hiring a qualified professional simplifies the process, while inexperienced movers can complicate it! Here are some tips to help you choose the best Columbus commercial movers:

  • Check Google and Yelp reviews to identify any warning signs or customer service strengths
  • Visit the company’s website to review their experience and the number of commercial moves completed
  • Verify that they are licensed and insured (this should be non-negotiable)
  • Find out about the training provided to their team
  • Determine if they have the necessary equipment to handle the job
  • Evaluate their customer service to see if it is friendly and attentive to your needs

If one company does not meet your requirements, continue your search until you find the right one! We can make it easy for you, as Bell Moving has high ratings and positive customer reviews to prove it. 

Bell Moving has the equipment and specialized training to handle commercial moves of any size. Our crew is specially trained to manage commercial relocation projects, including handling heavy machinery, assembling and disassembling furniture, and loading professional trucks. With over 50 years of experience, we have the expertise, network, and equipment needed to manage any

Looking for the best Columbus commercial moving company? Bell Moving’s team of professional commercial movers is committed to delivering exceptional service. We serve Columbus and the entire Columbus OH Metropolitan Area. Call us today at 614-503-0035 or fill out the form on our website to request a quote.