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Columbus Apartment Movers

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Relocating is always stressful, even if you’re staying local. Organizing your belongings, packing everything in moving boxes, and doing all the heavy lifting required to transport the cargo in and out of the truck is a significant burden, no matter where you’re going. Instead of going it alone, hire a crew of experienced residential movers to help you pack up your apartment and transition to a new space. Save time and reduce stress by hiring a professional Columbus apartment moving company like Bell Moving and Storage to help make your transition simple and painless. We service Columbus and all of the Columbus, OH, Metropolitan Area.

Hiring Professional Columbus Apartment Movers - Top Reasons

You may enlist the help of a professional Columbus apartment moving service for many different reasons. Although it may seem manageable initially, moving an apartment can be a major undertaking. Experienced Columbus apartment movers provide peace of mind by taking care of everything for you, including the packing if needed. They will prep the space to protect windows, walls, floors, and doors so you don’t break your belongings or damage the unit on the way out and risk losing your security deposit. They also make the project faster and more organized, saving you time and energy.

Clients hire professional Columbus movers for apartments because they provide valuable training, equipment, and experience, making the job far more manageable than going alone.

Apartments also carry additional challenges that many residents don’t consider. When leaving an apartment, you must keep an eye on common areas such as the hallways, lobbies, sidewalks, and other shared spaces so you don’t cause damage or disturb other tenants. If you live in a walk-up on a high floor, you must find a way to get your belongings down the stairwell without injuring yourself or damaging the walls or railings.

Even if you have an elevator, you need to figure out how to maneuver furniture and large objects into the space, which can be challenging if you aren’t experienced. Plus, many apartment buildings have strict rules about when you can and can’t move, where you can park the truck, and which elevators you can access. So, you should always check with your landlord or property manager before you make any plans.

But regardless of the challenges or restrictions, Columbus local apartment movers can make your project far more manageable by offering the equipment and organizational strategies needed to complete the project with the highest efficiency level.

Columbus Apartment Moving Equipment and Training

Another major benefit of hiring a reliable Columbus apartment moving company is that they will have the proper equipment and training to complete the job in record time. You often don’t realize how many possessions you have until the moving day arrives. A team of professionals will help you keep track of all those belongings and transport them safely so nothing is damaged or broken.

An experienced Columbus moving company for apartments will supply brand new commercial trucks that are the right size for the job, whether you need 20-foot trucks, 26-foot trucks, or a mixture of both. Those trucks will also come fully equipped with all the necessary tools to keep everything organized and secure on your way to the final destination.

Standard equipment supplied by Columbus apartment movers includes:

  • Furniture blankets
  • Dollies (for furniture and boxes)
  • Toolboxes
  • Straps
  • Wardrobe boxes
  • Shrink wrap
  • Tape
  • Extra boxes

The trucks will also come fully equipped with state-of-the-art GPS and other software to make the project much more manageable. Columbus local apartment movers also receive specialized training on assembling/disassembling furniture, moving and transporting items, and effectively getting belongings in and out of an apartment. When researching Columbus apartment moving companies, keep an eye on how long their crew has been with the company, whether they receive special training, and any company policies or procedures that make the company stand out. Doing so will make finding the best candidate for the job easier.

How Much Does a Columbus Apartment Move Cost?

The cost of hiring Columbus movers for a partments will vary significantly depending on several factors i mpacting the project’s complexity. Every relocation is different and features a unique set of challenges and requirements. So before determining the cost, you’ll need to answer a few questions.

Factors that impact the cost of a Columbus apartment moving service:

  • The type of apartment (is it a studio apartment? 1 bedroom apartment? 2 bedroom apartment?)
  • How much cargo do you have (furniture, boxes, etc.)
  • The distance between the origin and destination
  • How far away does the truck have to park?
  • How accessible is the unit (is it a walk-up? Are hoists required?)
  • Is any special preparation required?
  • How large is a crew needed to handle the job?
  • Are any additional services required (packing, storage, etc.)

Regardless of the parameters of your relocation, you can rest assured that the price will be affordable. Columbus small moves like apartment relocations are far less complex than an office move or even relocating to a single-family home. Regardless of the complexity, it will likely be more affordable than you might think.

The best way to determine how much it will cost to hire a reliable Columbus apartment moving company is to contact potential candidates directly and request an affordable quote. Tell them the size of your apartment and any other relevant information. Many clients want to know how much it costs to move a studio apartment vs. a 1-bedroom apartment vs. a 2-bedroom apartment. So call up any candidates directly, provide them with your information, and they will give you their rates and a general estimate of the project’s overall cost.

Choosing the Best Columbus Apartment Mover

You must hire a reliable Columbus apartment moving company to ensure your experience will be positive. A qualified crew will help reduce stress and make your journey easy and painless, but an unreliable team will make the project more challenging. So be sure to do some preliminary research before you hire any particular company.

Here’s what you should consider when researching Columbus apartment movers:

  • Read their Google and Yelp reviews to hear firsthand accounts from previous clients.
  • Visit their website and learn about the company and their team.
  • How many years have they been in business? How many similar projects have they performed? What is their claim rate/ referral rate?
  • Do they have the necessary equipment and trucks to complete the job?
  • Is their crew correctly trained and background checked?
  • Confirm the Columbus apartment moving company is properly licensed and insured.
  • Do they have exceptional customer service that is attentive to your needs?
  • Do they offer all the services you require?

You should continue looking for other candidates if your needs are fully satisfied.

At Bell Moving and Storage, we are fully bonded, licensed and insured, and prepared to handle any apartment move. We’ve been in business for over 98 years and have performed over 100,000 moves. We maintain a 98% customer satisfaction rating and have countless 5-star reviews on all major sites. Our crew is fully trained on all the techniques needed to perform any apartment move, plus we have the specialized equipment and commercial trucks to get the job done right.

We offer an array of Columbus apartment moving services, so you can start the next chapter of your life. We service Columbus and all of the Columbus, OH, Metropolitan Area. Call 614-503-0035 or fill out the form on our website today to request a free quote.