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Cincinnati White Glove Furniture Delivery

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Your business isn’t designed for receiving and storing furniture or shipping, yet ensuring high customer satisfaction and dependable delivery is at the heart of your business. Bell Moving & Storage offers quality white glove furniture delivery to meet your clients’ high standards and allow you to focus on more important aspects of running your business.

From high-end furniture and antiques to fragile glass items, you can rest easy knowing your clients will receive your products in perfect condition. We deliver a superior level of service from pickup or receiving to final delivery and installation that ensures each item is placed to your client’s specifications without a scratch.

With our professionals, you can rest easy knowing specialists are ready to navigate these hurdles and ensure a seamless moving day. Bell Moving & Storage has nearly a century of experience as one of the best apartment moving companies in Cincinnati. We’re ready to give you the efficient, stress-free apartment move you deserve.

White Glove & Designer Delivery Services in Cincinnati

Arm in suit with white glove on hand holding truck on tray

As a leading Cincinnati white glove delivery company, Bell Moving & Storage understands that you have built your reputation on quality and reliability. We offer all-in-one white glove furniture delivery services that support the logistical side of your business.elping.

A dependable apartment moving company in Cincinnati takes over the hard work for you. They’ll arrive with moving boxes and other supplies then handle as much of the move as you want, from packing and loading to transportation and unloading services.


Our White glove pickup service ensures products receive proper handling every step of the way. We can pick up pre-packed items from a furniture showroom, facility, or other location. After inspection and consolidation, your shipment will be delivered to the end customer and installed.


White glove receiving services guarantee quality control and flawless delivery. As items are received at our warehouse, they will be inspected, inventoried, stored, and delivered to your customer.


Whether we handle pickup or receiving, we are committed to quality control. Each shipment is inspected for damage or flaws. You will be informed of any issues and we will facilitate repairs, returns, and exchanges. If the packaging is inferior or damaged, we will repackage your item to guarantee it arrives to your client unharmed.

Someone choosing fabric materials

Warehousing & Storage

Our climate controlled warehouse is monitored 24 hours a day. We offer dependable receiving and storage services. Once your entire order is received, we will arrange white glove delivery with your customer or client.

Inventory Management

With Bell Moving & Storage as your partner, you can rest easy knowing you will always be informed about what is received and delivered from our warehouse. We assist with flawless order fulfillment and delivery so you can focus on running your business.


Our trained, uniformed white glove movers will handle the final delivery of your merchandise to your client with the right equipment. You can trust that your shipment will be handled carefully for the final mile.


Leave your clients with a great first impression with our in-home installation services. Our white glove transportation service includes quality in-home installation. Your client’s home will be carefully protected as our movers place or install furniture and other items according to instructions.


Does your shipment require assembly at the destination? Our Cincinnati designer delivery service includes careful assembly on-site.

Rubbish Removal

After delivery, installation, and/or assembly, we carefully remove rubbish and packaging from your customer’s home.

Repairs & Returns Facilitation

Bell Moving & Storage carefully inspects all items on receipt for damage and quality control. We can facilitate an exchange with the manufacturer or third-party repairs before the item is delivered to your customer.

Industries We Serve with Cincinnati White Glove Delivery Services

Your business is focused on the creation and design of beautiful furnishings and spaces. Bell Moving & Storage assists with the other side of your business: quality control, storage, and shipping. We serve interior designers, showrooms, architects, and more with high-quality Cincinnati designer furniture delivery service. Your merchandise will reach your customer exactly as intended with top-notch customer service that supports the reputation you have built.

Interior Designers

Interior design services involve more than simply choosing furnishings and designing spaces. Your clients have high expectations for the final reveal, but completing a project requires careful management of multiple shipments. Damaged items and shipping or delivery delays can be disastrous for your reputation and bottom line.

Bell Moving & Storage will handle the logistics to manage and execute the vision you have created for your clients. We ensure high-end furniture, artwork, and fragile items receive the special care they need during shipping and installation. We also offer receiving as many manufacturers and supplies will only ship to warehouses. Each item is inspected, and repairs or exchanges will be facilitated prior to arranging final delivery and installation with your client.

Furniture Showrooms

Bell Moving & Storage offers quality white glove delivery services for furniture retailers, dealers and showrooms. We handle everything from pickup or receiving to inspection, shipping, and white glove furniture delivery to support your brand’s sterling reputation.

Our uniformed white glove movers in Cincinnati understand the unique risks of high-end furniture transportation and use the proper equipment and techniques. From marble countertops and handcrafted wood furniture to custom furnishings and glass tabletops, you can rest easy knowing costly damage and delays are avoided.


Bell Moving & Storage serves architectural firms with specialized white glove delivery and storage. We will serve as the stewards for your high-end furnishings, antiques, artwork, and materials to ensure dependable delivery and installation. We provide pickup service or receiving at our climate-controlled warehouse with quality control and white glove delivery. Shipments are consolidated and can be delivered to your jobsite on your schedule.


At Bell Moving & Storage, we understand the importance of quality warehousing and delivery for your import business. We assist importers with receiving, inspection, storage, and white glove delivery. As needed, we provide custom crating or repackaging and we can facilitate exchanges, returns, and repairs.

Why Choose Bell Moving & Storage for Your White Glove Delivery Needs?

Last mile delivery is critical to maintain the reputation you have built. When merchandise is delayed or damaged, it hurts your bottom line and future sales. Bell Moving & Storage is committed to serving as an extension of your business to handle receiving, quality control, storage, and delivery with the customer service and dependability you count on.
Bell Moving & Storage has served the Ohio Valley region since 1922. We have been a Wheaton Van Lines partner for 30 years and completed more than 100,000 successful relocations over the past century. Our fourth generation family-owned business has earned numerous awards and 5-star reviews on Yelp and Google.

If you are ready to partner with dependable Cincinnati designer delivery experts, Bell Moving & Storage is ready to put nearly a century of expertise to work for you. Contact us today at 513-942-7500 to discuss your company’s needs.

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