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The First Week: Make Settling Into Your New Home Easier

Last Updated on: 26th August 2021, 08:03 am

When planning a move, people often assume that once they arrive at their new home, the hard part is over. But that first week — when you’re settling into a new job, getting the kids used to a new school, and still trying to find a place for your knickknacks — can be just as busy and challenging as the week you spent packing! Here are some ways to make that first week in your new home a lot easier.

Pay for Unpacking Services

You might figure that paying someone else to unpack your things is a waste. You can just unpack boxes a few at a time in the evenings, right?

The problem with this strategy is that the unpacking process seems to drag on forever. You never quite feel settled in your home with boxes all around, and you don’t have time for normal evening activities, like getting dinner with new neighbors, because you’re always scrambling to find time to unpack.

If you pay your moving company to unpack for you, the job will be done. Your basics will be unpacked and the task will be off your to-do list. From day one, the space will feel more like home and less like a box jungle.

Get Rid of Boxes

If your movers leave you the moving boxes — or if you unpack yourself and have the boxes left — get rid of them promptly rather than letting them sit in a corner or strewn about your new home. Having the boxes around may keep you from feeling as settled and at-home in your new space. Some good ways to get rid of boxes include:

  • Break them all down and put them out with the recycling.
  • List them online for someone else to pick up and use.
  • Collapse them and stack them in a garage or basement to use later on for shipping.

Cardboard can also be composted, so if there is a garden center in your new town, you could reach out and see if they will take your boxes.

Rely on Restaurants

Especially if you ate out a lot while packing and preparing to move, you might feel bad for continuing to rely on takeout and restaurant meals now that you’re moved in. But not having to cook can take a huge burden off you during this first week. If you’re worried about the healthfulness of your meals, here are some tips to make takeout healthier:

  • At Thai restaurants, choose low-calorie summer rolls, broth-based soups, or edamame.
  • Order thin crust pizza, which contains fewer carbohydrates and calories than traditional crust.
  • Stick with chicken and vegetable dishes at Chinese restaurants; chicken with broccoli contains a lot less fat and fewer calories than General Tso’s or orange chicken.

Continuing to eat out during this first week also gives you a chance to explore the restaurants in your new neighborhood so that down the road, you know where to go for the best pizza, Thai food, or Chinese!

Meet the Neighbors

Don’t put off meeting the neighbors; introduce yourself during this first week. This way, if you need someone to help you unload a heavy washer or move a ladder into the garage, you will know who to call on. Friendly neighbors may bring you cookies and other welcoming gifts, which will only help you to feel more settled.

A good way to meet the neighbors is to take a walk around your neighborhood. Smile and say hello to anyone you see. Introduce yourself, tell them you are new in town, and then ask a question — such as where the best place to listen to live music is or whether there are any nice parks nearby. This will help spark a real conversation, by which you can truly start to get to know each other.

The first week in your new home is sure to be busy, but it should also be exciting and enjoyable. Keep the strategies above in mind as you unpack and get settled, and contact Bell Moving & Storage if you’re looking for a reliable moving company that also offers unpacking services.


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