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Living in Terrace Park – Ohio | [2024] Top 🏆 Moving to Terrace Park Cincinnati Neighborhood Tips

Last Updated on: 22nd March 2023, 08:43 am

Known as one of the most affluent communities of its size in Ohio, Terrace Park is a suburban village in the wider Cincinnati metropolitan area. Encompassing a total square area of only a little more than a mile, Terrace Park is located very close to the similarly affluent Mariemont, both lauded as some of the nicest communities in Cincinnati. With Terrace Park’s charm and beauty, it’s of no surprise that many notable people have made their homes here, including US senator Rob Portman.

Terrace Park, Cincinnati, OH History

The river basin Terrace Park is located inside was inhabited for thousands of years – by some estimates, over 12,000, which would mean some of the earliest humans on the American continent lived here! Permanent settlements of natives would first appear around 1,000 B.C., and earthworks from after that period have been found consistently throughout the Cincinnati area, and make up many identifiable landmarks in the city at large.

By the time Europeans arrived in the area, the area was occupied by the Shawnee. In the early days of 1789, American settlers tried to settle the area, but eventually left due to constant Shawnee raids. American settlers only returned to the area after the Treaty of Greenville ceded all the territory to them.

The area was first a farming community, but once railroads were built through the area, it steadily evolved into the more ordered village arrangement it is today. Incorporated in 1893, Terrace Park briefly became the winter home of the John Robinson Circus, and freely wandering elephants was not an uncommon sight. Since that time, Terrace Park evolved into a largely residential community, as it is today.

Terrace Park, Cincinnati, OH Location & Transportation

Being such a small village, Terrace Park is easily walkable, and is actively encouraged to be so. You’ll find that almost everything here is easy to traverse to and from on foot. Almost all roads in the area don’t have speed limits above 25 miles per hour, and they are rarely driven on regardless.

Cincinnati is well known for its excellent public transportation networks, all of which are easily accessible from Terrace Park. Buses are a common sight in the city, especially Greyhound lines and other, smaller lines as well. The Cincinnati Bell Connector also is another major fixture of Cincinnati’s public transportation.

As Cincinnati is one of the American cities with the lowest rates of car ownership, it should come as no surprise that Terrace Park is very easy to walk. If you need to get somewhere, there’s a good chance you can do it on foot!

People, Lifestyle, and Culture of Terrace Park, Cincinnati, OH

Terrace Park is home to 2,300 people, a very small community. Demographically, 96% are White, making up the vast majority of the population. There are also very small cohorts of Asians, Hispanics, and biracial people. Terrace Park’s population is skewed towards men, with a gender ratio of 52% male to 48% female.

Terrace Park’s small community is its primary draw. The residents are cultured and strive to curate a friendly and tightly-knit society within this little village. The culture is closely connected to Terrace Park’s long history, and the community likes to keep it that way. If you like mature, traditional communities, Terrace Park is perfect for you.

Want to know if Terrace Park is a safe community? Have no fear, because Terrace Park is one of the safest communities in the Cincinnati area, with a total crime rate 86% lower than the national average. Violent crime is 88% lower than the national average and property crime is 85% lower, according to Areavibes. Rest assured, you and your family will be incredibly safe in Terrace Park!

What to Eat, Do, and Shop in Terrace Park, Cincinnati, OH

Terrace Park prides itself on being a cozy and small town-esque community, and that means that large shopping malls are not going to fly in this area. Nonetheless, the nearby Milford Shopping Center can provide shopping for those who need the typical array of grocery stores and department stores. However, most shopping in Terrace Park is specialty stores.

Looking for good restaurants in the Terrace Park area? Good eats are everywhere in Terrace Park! Most popular is The Birch, a half-restaurant, half-bar that prides itself on an excellent, hand-crafted menu, entertainment, and great music. Many Terrace Park locals, and people from all over the city, come to the Birch for nights out. The local United Dairy Farmers, a beloved Cincinnati chain, is also well known for their excellent ice creams, if you’re looking for something to eat at home.

As a residential community first and foremost, Terrace Park inevitably has less to do than some of Cincinnati’s bigger and more urban neighborhoods. However, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do at all! If you want to spend the day outdoors, Stanton Field is a large, public space, perfect for playing sports or picnicking. If hiking is more your thing, the Red Bird Hollow Trailhead is just north of Terrace Park, and is a popular spot for relaxed hikes in the area.

Terrace Park Map

Terrace Park, Cincinnati, OH Real Estate

With Terrace Park’s community and safety, there’s little about this village that’s not to love. However, the costs are steep to get in as a result, but we assure they are well worth it! The median sale price of a home in Terrace Park is $527,500, which is quite the sum for the area. In fact, this median home price is nearly triple the median price of homes in the wider Cincinnati area, being $168,900. According to Redfin, the median amount of time for a house to be on the market in this area is 50 days, with only 1.3% of homes being sold under listing price. With this sort of market, Terrace Park is decently competitive.

There is no data on renting in Terrace Park, and this shouldn’t be much of a surprise – Terrace Park is a village that is primarily for single family homes. If you’re planning on moving here, you should certainly have a plan in mind for purchasing a house, as renting opportunities are limited. Compared to the rest of Ohio and the Cincinnati area, Terrace Park is very expensive. However, there will not be a single cent wasted in this regard – Terrace Park is a community without comparison in this city. The cost of living is the cost you pay for living in a little slice of paradise in the middle of Cincinnati.

If you’re interested in looking at listings for Terrace Park’ homes, take a look at some Terrace Park, Cincinnati, OH real estate options here.

Have children? Worried about their education? Don’t be! You will be served by the Mariemont City Public School District, which provides excellent schools in the elementary, middle, and high categories.

Decided on Terrace Park as the spot to make your new home? Moves are no easy feat – they are very difficult to do on your own, and you’d be better off hiring a professional team to do the job for you! Give Bell Moving a ring! Our crew of highly-trained professional Terrace Park movers will ensure your move is easy, simple, affordable, and quick, as many of our satisfied customers can attest! Call now at 513-942-7500 or fill out our online form for a free quote!


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