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Parks in Cincinnati, OH - Tips, List, Guide & Map

Parks in Cincinnati, OH [2024] | 👪 Tips, List, Guide & Map

Last Updated on: 7th January 2022, 05:31 pm

There is nothing quite like a day out at the park. Having access to these public locations is often one of the primary factors in choosing where to live. If you are new to the community, you will be happy to know that there are plenty of Cincinnati parks to enjoy.

From laying out on the grass, tossing a ball with your dog, taking a weekend to play sports, or letting your kids jump around in a splash pad, there is something for everyone in this beautiful city. Cincinnati is full of modern-day escapes that take advantage of these natural landscapes.

There are dozens of Cincinnati parks and they each have their unique qualities that attract visitors year-round. In the warmer months, getting out into the sunshine and being active outdoors is good for everyone’s health.

Public spaces are great if you’re a sports fan, enjoy hiking along walking trails, or simply have a dog that could use some time off its leash. Not to mention the wide array of city-sponsored events that are held year-round around the area. Get outside and experience all the natural wonders of this incredible city.

1. Smale Riverfront Park – Most Popular Park in Cincinnati

This lovely public space was created to reconnect the bustling downtown area with the gorgeous riverfront that was flooded 100 years ago. The park is broken up into two areas: the lower level is within the path of the floodwaters, while the upper area overlooks the vista. Multiple paths lead to areas where public events like fireworks shows are regularly held.


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In addition to the view and events, people visit this local park in Cincinnati from around the city to look at the public art hosted there. This includes several fountains at the center of the main pavilion and the Black Brigade Monument. There is a children’s playground and an exercise area, clean bathrooms, water fountains, and various spots to play in the nearby Ohio River.

2. Ault Park – Gorgeous Space with Plenty of Room

Located within view of Lunken Airport, Ault Park’s Heekin Overlook is the primary feature of this popular Cincinnati park. It was built to give visitors a panoramic sight of the planes and Little Miami. Your kids will enjoy the playground with its slides, swings, and other equipment or you can take a load off under their massive covered picnic area. 

For soccer fans, there is a large field where local community games are played. Other sections are usually open for casual games as well. The other side of the field has a section of trees with walking paths where you may be able to catch a glimpse of some local wildlife from time to time.

3. Eden Park – Historic Cincinnati Park

Eden Park is considered a historical landmark as much as it is seen as one of the top Cincinnati parks. There is a playground and picnic area but those make up only a tiny portion of the space. You can find a riverfront where model boats are commonly launched, a sitting area where people come to play chess, and wetlands full of natural wildlife.


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The most famous attractions at this beloved park are the Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Cincinnati Art Museum, and the Krohn Conservatory. Many community theater productions and gallery events are held here as well as concerts in their on-site amphitheater.

4. Washington Park – A Local Gem in Cincy

Washington Park is one of the most beloved parks in Cincinnati. The long list of features and amenities available to the public makes it a top-rated attraction for all ages. Visitors can check out rentable play equipment for free from one of the park workers on staff.

Mobile umbrellas are located around the park to provide shade or protection from rainfall. Free Wi-fi can be found around the park as well. Concessions such as soda and beer are available at The Porch. The park has a playground and an interactive water park which are both monitored by workers.

There is also a large dog park, where you can take your fur baby off their leash to play. Your canine friends have access to their own waterfront splash spot, an area for digging, and water fountains close to the ground for them to drink from. They can climb on the large boulders, or take off across the running track.

5. Lytle Park – Beautiful Park Near Local Companies

Located in the heart of the business district, Lytle Park is best known as a garden and public art space. It was originally home to General William Henry Lytle, who built his family home there in 1809. The homestead was named a historic spot in Ohio and was eventually turned into this centrally located park that still shows remnants of its past glory to this day.


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While there is a playground available, many people working in nearby offices will flood the park during the day to walk among the flowers and eat their lunch on their benches. Historic features created by local artists line the area. Beautiful magnolias, chrysanthemums, and tulips fill bushes lining this beautiful Cincinnati park’s walkways.

6. Jackson Hill Park – Hidden Place Worth Visiting in Cincinnati

Nestled in Mt. Auburn, this is a lesser-known park that is considered a hidden gem among the neighborhood’s locals. It is a well-maintained spot, free of liter and without the crowds of many of the other bustling parks in Cincinnati. Most of it is wooded with a waterfront and a hill that gives a great view of the city. 

There is a small playground for kids, walking trails, and picnic tables to enjoy. This includes sheltered gazebos to gather and eat beneath throughout the year. The lack of people makes it a great getaway to meet up with friends and family for an afternoon enjoying the outdoors. 

7. Sawyer Point Park – For Top-rated Cincinnati Attractions

This large park is home to regular community events like fun runs, public concerts, fireworks, and more. You can rent out the riverside venue for your own events such as weddings, parties, and reunions. Those rentals include audio equipment, vending locations, and fencing upon request. But the rest of the year, you can enjoy the long list of amenities and features provided by the city.

There are multiple playgrounds, gardens, walking paths, volleyball and tennis courts, a spray ground, and public art located across the mile-long stretch of Sawyer Point & Yeatman’s Cove. If you like biking, you can use their biking trails or rent out bikes to use by the hour. If you get hungry, check out their concessions pavilion to grab a quick snack. 

8. Fido Field – Best Park in Cincinnati for Furry Friends

Rather than being a city-operated space like most of the other top parks in Cincinnati, Fido Park is managed entirely by passionate volunteers who believe in the importance of having dog-specific locations where their fuzzy friends can roam free. As a result, Fido Field is considered the best Cincinnati park for dogs.


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Split up into two areas, you can take your companion into the big dog (over 22 pounds) or little dog (under 22 pounds) areas. They are completely fenced off, so your dogs can run and play safely off their leash. Volunteers keep the area clean and enforce the rules, which dictate that everyone takes full responsibility for their pet. 

There aren’t any specific play areas like other dog parks. It is simply an open space where they can run, play fetch, and have fun with each other. All while their owners meet new friends and enjoy conversations with other dog lovers. 

Map of Cincinnati, OH Parks

Discover the Best Parks in Cincinnati to Visit

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