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Packing Your Kitchen for a Remodel? Storage and Packing Tips

Last Updated on: 26th August 2021, 08:04 am

If you’re undergoing a major kitchen remodel in the next few months, you’ll probably have to pack up and store most of your kitchen belongings. The items you keep in your kitchen are different from other items in your home in that they tend to be very breakable (like dishes), heat sensitive (like appliances), and even perishable. Because of these qualities, putting kitchen things into storage can be a challenge.

In addition, you shouldn’t place some kitchen things into storage at all. As a result, know what to sort and plan when packing for your remodel. Here’s what you need to know about the process to ensure that your kitchen things will be in good condition when your remodel is complete.

Set Aside Essentials

Not everything in your kitchen should be packed up for your remodel. Assuming you’ll continue to eat some of your own food at home while the remodel takes place, the first stage of the packing process should involve sorting out those things that you’ll need access continuously throughout the renovation.

Disposable utensils, paper plates, and snack foods are all examples of things you’ll want access to while the remodel takes place. Place these items in a spare room or in your garage for the duration of the remodel. Clear plastic tubs are best for holding these items because the tubs are waterproof and durable, and you’ll be able to see what the bins contain without opening them.

Use the Time to Declutter

Many people have things in their kitchen they no longer need. Your pantry might contain foods you used to enjoy but no longer eat and kitchen tools that you long ago stopped using. Now is the time to get rid of these items. Start packing early to give yourself time to sort, throw away, or give away what is no longer necessary.

Get the Right Tools

When packing your kitchen to put into storage, you’ll need a variety of tools to keep your dishes safe. Although you may be able to use your dishtowels to wrap dishes, you’ll likely need extra padding to prevent your dishes from breaking. Invest in bubble wrap, extra strong boxes, and a lot of packing tape.

Since many kitchen items are heavy and breakable, buy small- to medium-size boxes. If the boxes are too large, they’ll often quickly become too heavy to move easily.

Keep Box Piles Short

Tall stacks of boxes can be a hazard, especially when the boxes contain breakable items like dishes and appliances. When stacking your kitchen dishes in your storage unit, keep the stacks relatively short. This reduces the chances that the bottom boxes will be crushed under the weight of the boxes on top and also reduces the likelihood that the stacks will fall over.

Know When to Get Climate-Controlled Storage

If you plan to store temperature-sensitive items, like appliances, talk to your storage facility about getting a temperature-controlled storage unit. This is especially important at times of year when the weather is very cold or very hot, or if you plan to leave your items in storage for many months.

Know Your Storage Facility’s Rules

Many storage facilities have some rules about what you can place into storage. Many will not allow perishable items to be stored in their units. If you need to place items like bags of rice and cans of food in your storage unit, find out whether this is allowed. If not, you can store these items in your garage.

Even if you can store perishable items in your storage unit, place them in plastic tubs to protect them from pests.

For more information and advice about placing your kitchen items into storage, contact Bell Moving & Storage. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and give you advice.


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