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Mt. Lookout – Cincinnati [2024] | ULTIMATE Living in Mt. Lookout Guide

Last Updated on: 22nd March 2023, 08:43 am

Located in the north-eastern portion of Cincinnati, Mt. Lookout is a wonderful, affluent Cincinnati neighborhood well known as a hotspot for shopping and fun attractions. Mt. Lookout is home to 17,953 residents and is fairly wealthy for the area, and Mt. Lookout often appears on lists of most affluent Cincinnati neighborhoods. If you’re looking to live an exciting life in one of the very best and most beautiful Cincinnati neighborhoods, look no further than Mt. Lookout!

Mt. Lookout, OH History

Mt. Lookout is a relatively new neighborhood when compared to the rest of the city. Cincinnati had its foundations in the late 1700s when Colonel Robert Patterson and Israel Ludlow landed in the area while sailing the Ohio river. By the time Mt. Lookout became a distinct community around 1873, the Miami Canal had already been completed, railroads linked Cincinnati to the rest of the country, and Cincinnati had already achieved its modern population of around 300,000 people. That being said, Mt. Lookout still has plenty of the history and culture you’d expect out of Cincinnati.

The early 1870s would bring about Mt. Lookout’s formation in earnest. The neighborhood was named after the famous Mount Lookout Observatory (now called the Cincinnati Observatory), built by astronomer Ormsby M. Mitchel, equipped with an impressive 11-inch-diameter telescope built to observe distant objects in space. While initially a residential community centered around the observatory, the post-WW1 period brought about the development of Mt. Lookout’s well-known multi-block commercial district, referred to as the Mt. Lookout Square, which is now a center point of the neighborhood.

Mt. Lookout, OH Location & Transportation

The city of Cincinnati is generally known as an automobile commuter city, with higher than average rates of car ownership in the city at large, so naturally, it has a robust system of roads that’ll easily ferry any driver to any part of the city, including Mt. Lookout. Both the I50 and I32 run through the area of Mt. Lookout.

Cincinnati’s history is filled with a troublesome relationship with public transportation. The city used streetcars quite extensively at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century, with many lines running through Mt. Lookout, but the advent of inexpensive cars led to the shutdown of the system in 1951. Additionally, an attempt was made to build a subway during WW1, but the ensuing inflation and economic collapse resulted in the system never being completed, now being the longest series of derelict tunnels in the United States.

However, all is not lost! Although it does not run through the area of Mt. Lookout, residents who visit downtown Cincinnati will be glad to know that the city recently revived the streetcar in the form of the Cincinnati Bell Connector. Mt. Lookout’s zip code of 45208 almost precisely lines up with its geographic area, but not quite exactly.

People, Lifestyle, and Culture of Mt. Lookout, OH

Mt. Lookout is home to 17,953 people. Demographically, 88% are White, 55% are Black, and 4% are Asian. There is also a very, very small community of Hispanics in the area, accounting for 2% of Mt. Lookout’s population. Around 5% of Mt. Lookout’s population is foreign born, with 39% of the foreign-born population coming from Asia, and 34% coming from Europe.

With such an affluent population near the heart of the city, it goes without saying that the people here are not just trendy, but trendsetters. Nearby Oakley and Hyde Park are considered some of the trendiest areas in the city. The presence of multiple noteworthy attractions, such as Ault Park, also makes this a popular spot for people from other spots in the city to visit.

Worried about crime in Mt. Lookout? Well, have no fear, because Mt. Lookout is a very safe place to live! According to FBI crime data, Mt. Lookout is considered the safest neighborhood in Cincinnati — with no contest! With a crime rate almost 20% lower than the national average, Mt. Lookout is the perfect place to settle with your family, knowing they’ll be safe!

What to Eat, Do, and Shop in Mt. Lookout, OH

When it comes to shopping in Mt. Lookout, residents need not look further than the Mt. Lookout Square, as it’s called by locals, where the vast majority of your shopping in the neighborhood will take place. Featuring an excellent array of attractive shopping options, this shopping center also features most of Mt. Lookout’s best restaurants and attractions. However, if it’s not quite enough for you, the nearby Hyde Park Plaza, while not quite within Mt. Lookout neighborhood limits, is another very popular shopping spot just a few minutes drive away.

Mt. Lookout also has plenty to do aside from shopping. As previously mentioned, the Mt. Lookout Square is also home to many excellent eateries and restaurants, most notably Zip’s Cafe, which has been a staple in the neighborhood since its founding in 1926, and is considered one of the best burgers in Cincinnati. Another popular local restaurant is Ichiban, an upscale Japanese restaurant serving the typical fare of sushi, done most excellently by talented sushi chefs suitable for the high-class clientele of Mt. Lookout.

Eating and shopping isn’t all there is to do in Mt. Lookout, either. Mt. Lookout is home to two of Cincinnati’s finest parks, which draw in visitors from far and wide. The first is Alms Park, a 94-acre park located on Tusculum Avenue which features a panoramic view of the city from its hilltop, as well as a multitude of hiking trails and picnic areas. The second, Ault Park, is the fourth-largest park in Cincinnati, and is actually contested between whether Hyde Park or Mt. Lookout has jurisdiction over it. The park features a soccer field, impressive flower garden, and much of the original 1930s pavilion structures in a neoclassical style that keep the park feeling quite classy.

Mt. Lookout Map

Mt. Lookout, OH Real Estate

Mt. Lookout prices reflect its affluent nature, but those who are familiar with housing prices in coastal urban areas might be surprised at just how potentially affordable they can be. The median home price here is $381,800, more than double the median price for a home in Ohio. While this might be low, especially when compared to some cities on either the West or East Coast, seeing homes that go for a million or more is also not uncommon here, particularly large and old homes. According to Redfin, the median amount of time for a house to be on the market in this area is 48 days, with only 0.5% of homes being sold below listing price.

Again, renting here is more expensive than other places in Ohio, but will pleasantly surprise potential coastal customers, with the average monthly rent for all apartments being $1,036. Mt. Lookout is beautiful, safe, and high class, and that means average costs that will far outprice the average person in Ohio. However, those used to more expensive metropolis areas will be pleasantly surprised by how comparatively easy on the wallet this area is. If you are someone who wants to live well in the Athens of the West, there is simply no contest in Cincinnati when it comes to Mt. Lookout.

If you’re interested in looking at listings for Mt. Lookout’ homes, take a look at some Mt. Lookout, OH real estate options here.

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