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Moving to & Living in Norwood, OH

What’s Living in Norwood, OH Like? [2024] | 🏡 Moving to Norwood Tips

Last Updated on: 7th February 2022, 06:42 pm

Norwood, OH is a pleasant city that can be found approximately 7 miles northeast of downtown Cincinnati. It is bordered by Dayton, Deer Park, Amberley, Arlington Heights, Elmwood Place, Fairfax, Golf Manor, Mariemont, Silverton, St. Bernard, and Cincinnati.

In 1787, the area of Norwood was founded when the US Congress established the Northwest Territory. The community was originally known as Sharpsburg but was later renamed Norwood in 1870. The city of Cincinnati attempted to annex the area in 1902 but it failed each time. That same year, residents living in Norwood voted to incorporate the community as its own city.

Norwood is often referred to by the nickname “Gem of the Highlands”.

Best known for its older homes and tree-lined roads, the city of Norwood is a safe, beautiful place to live.

A handful of notable people have called Norwood home in the past such as actor Jack Mullaney, actor George Chakiris, actress Vera-Ellen, former Ohio governor Joseph B. Foraker, UFC fighter Dominique Steele, NFL celebrity Brian Pillman, and many others.

There are many benefits of moving to Norwood that make it a comfortable place for many people to enjoy.

1. People Living in Norwood, OH – Population & Demographics

How many people live in Norwood? Local residency peaked in the 1950s but hasn’t seen much growth since then with fewer people relocating to Norwood. The population in Norwood is 19,883 residents with a median age of 32 years old.

Limited diversity is seen in Norwood demographics with about 80% Caucasian, 12% Black or African American, 5% Hispanic or Latino, and 1% Asian. The gender ratio in the area is close with a split of about 51% male and 49% female. The median household income in Norwood is $45,581 per year.

Local home in Norwood, OH

Is Norwood a safe place to live? The crime rate in Norwood is 3% higher than the national average and about 12% higher than the Ohio average. While every city has its good and bad parts of town, Norwood is a safe place to live overall.

The Norwood Police Department has trusted active-duty police officers who serve and protect people living in the city.

2. Cost of Living in Norwood, OH

How much does it cost to live in Norwood, OH? The average cost of living in Norwood is about 17% lower than the national average and about the same as the overall Ohio state average. When it comes to local expenses, you’ll see lower prices for the Norwood real estate market, healthcare, and utilities, but higher costs for transportation and groceries.

The homeownership rate in Norwood is 43.4% with a bit less than half of the people living there owning their houses and condos. When looking through Norwood, OH homes for sale, you’ll find that the market is somewhat competitive. The average price of a home in Norwood is $206,500, a median sale price of $150 per square foot.

The property tax rate in Norwood is 1.810%, which is around $3,738 per year in property taxes for a home priced at the average of $206,500.

About 57% of people residing in Norwood rent instead of buying. The average price of rent in Norwood is $1,308 per month.

3. Norwood Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Norwood

Where should you live in Norwood? Even though it’s a small area, there are plenty of great neighborhoods in Norwood to choose from such as:

Norwood operates 9 city parks that cover over 30 acres of land, which is operated, managed, and maintained by the reputable Cincinnati Recreation Commission.

The most convenient shopping in Norwood can be found at Whole Foods, Kroger, Target, Aldi, and Surrey Square.

Norwood is 7 miles from Cincinnati. You can get from Norwood to Cincinnati in about 10 to 15 minutes on average.

4. Norwood, OH Weather & Climate

There is a humid continental climate in Norwood, which means local weather tends to be wet and cold during the winter as well as warm and muggy during the summer. The area gets about 43 inches of rain and 14 inches of snow per year, so you’ll want to have umbrellas, hats, scarves, gloves, and other warm gear ready as needed.

The average temperature in Norwood is between lows in the 20s and highs in the mid-30s during wintertime. Summers see the temps rise into the mid-60s and upper 80s in the summer.

5. Things to Do in Norwood

Find the best attractions, places to visit, and points of interest that you can check out after moving to Norwood.

Breakout Games


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A post shared by Breakout Games (@breakoutgames)

A can’t miss thing to do in Norwood is to visit Breakout Games, the area’s top-rated escape room location. This fun destination offers unique puzzles and strategy games that everyone will enjoy.

Breakout Games, 3653 Michigan Ave Suite 205B, Cincinnati, OH 45208  (513) 612-9975

Ault Park

Some of the best outdoor activities in Norwood can be discovered at the local Ault Park, which has been around since the 1930s. The popular park has beautiful gardens, nature trails, historic structures, and much more.

Ault Park, 5090 Observatory Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45208  (513) 357-2604

Additional Norwood Attractions

6. Norwood Restaurants

If you’re not in the mood to cook at home, people living in Norwood always have access to yummy restaurants in the community.

Sorrento’s Italian Joint



Among the greatest restaurants in Norwood, Sorrento’s Italian Joint is a top-rated family-run spot to try. They serve an amazing selection of pizza, pasta, sub sandwiches, and many other delicious options.

Sorrento’s Italian Joint, 5143 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45212  (513) 531-5070

Redlands Grill

One of Norwood’s top places to eat is Redlands Grill, an American restaurant serving up wood-fired foods. Their menu boasts a great spread of tacos, steak, prime rib, pork, chicken salad, and more.

Redlands Grill, 2629 Edmondson Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45209  (513) 531-7495

7. Jobs in Norwood

Norwood jobs are easy to find when you know where to look and which employers are available in the community. A few of the best places to work in Norwood include:

The average salary in Norwood is $36,000 per year. There is a 5.5% state income tax rate in the city. The most recent Norwood unemployment rate is 4.4%.

8. Norwood Schools

There are about 3,975 kids between the ages of 0 and 18 years old residing in Norwood, which is around 20% of the population. The Norwood City School District and the child-friendly local activities are proof that Norwood is an excellent place for families to live.

Neighborhood in Norwood, OH

Some of the highest-rated schools in Norwood are:

  • Sharpsburg Elementary School 
  • Williams Avenue Elementary School
  • Norwood Middle School
  • Norwood High School

There aren’t any colleges or universities in Norwood but Xavier University is located just to the southwest of town.

The free Norwood Branch Library is the city’s public library where students, children, and adults can check out books and movies.

9. Norwood Statistics & Information

Norwood spans an area of about 3.1 square miles and is the second-most populous city in Hamilton County in Ohio. The two local zip codes are 45209 and 45212. A new phone number in the community with have a 513 area code.

The time zone in Norwood is Eastern Standard Time (EST) and Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) during daylight savings time.

The elevation in Norwood is 656 feet above sea level.

Map of Norwood, OH

You can look at this Norwood map to look for additional activities, nice places to eat, and other amenities in the city.

Tips for Living in Norwood

  • The cost of living in Norwood is equal to the average in Ohio overall.
  • Make sure you look into the crime rates around the area before deciding which Norwood neighborhood you want to live in.
  • When winter rolls around, make sure you have warm clothes like coats, boots, and other gear.

Moving to Norwood, OH

Whenever you’ve decided there are enough good reasons to move to Norwood, you’re ready to take the next step. Here at Bell Moving, we have helpful Norwood movers who are ready to assist you with the relocation process. Give us a call today at (513) 942-7500 or fill out the Request a Quote form on this page for a free moving estimate!


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