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Is Living in Middletown for You? | 🏠 Why Moving to Middletown OH Is so Popular

Last Updated on: 29th June 2024, 08:47 am

The city of Middletown is ideal because it balances the convenience of living in a major metropolitan area with the tight-knit community a suburb offers. Middletown is known for its historical significance and has a variety of museums you can tour. 

The area that is now known as Middletown was originally Franklin, Lemon, and Turtlecreek townships. The Ohio General Assembly incorporated it in February 1833 and it officially became a city in 1886. If you’re looking for a taste of the American midwest, Middletown offers plenty of characteristic charm. 

Where is Middletown? 

Middletown is a suburb of Cincinnati, located in both Butler and Warren counties, Ohio.. It is located about 35 miles north of Cincinnati or roughly 43 minutes by car. Middletown offers a suburban feel but is still a commutable distance to the larger city of Cincinnati for those seeking job opportunities or the attractions of the larger city. 

While locals know that the town was given its name by founder Stephen Veil, also known as the “Father of Middletown,” no one is sure why Veil gave the city that name. To the north of Middletown is Franklin, to the west is Miltonville and Trenton, to the south is Monroe, and to the east is Hunter. 

Middletown, Ohio Population & Demographics

The population of Middletown, Ohio is 50,987. This is an uptick from 2010’s 48,694. The growth rate is a slow 0.45% annually, and Middletown’s population density is 1951 inhabitants per square mile. 

The median age in the city of Middletown is 37.4 years old. There are approximately 37,779 adults in Middletown, 8,402 of which are senior citizens. As for the gender breakdown, 52.3% identify as female and 47.7% identify as male.

There are several celebrities from Middletown. This includes Cris Carter, an NFL player in the Hall of Fame, Debra Monk, a Tony-award winning actress, and Franklin Ray Lickliter, a golfer on the PGA tour. 

Middletown’s median household income in 2020 was $42,290. This is slightly lower than the national median household income for the same year, which was $67,521. 

81.3% of Middletown’s population is caucasian, 11.2% are African American or Black, 4.1% are Hispanic or Latino, 0.7% are Asian, and .1% are Pacific Islander. Additionally, 5.3% of the population identifies as two or more races. 

Middletown’s crime rate per 100,000 residents is 3,406. It is safer than 19% of cities in the United States. There are parts of Middletown, OH that are safe and others that are best to avoid. The city is serviced by the 67 officers of the  Middletown Police Department. 

Cost of Living in Middletown 

Middletown is relatively close to Cincinnati, which is a major midwestern city. However, the cost of living in Middletown is less than the US average. The average US cost of living is rated 100, whereas Middletown’s cost of living is 77.4. This is also lower than Ohio’s overall cost of living, which is 82.6. 

The average monthly housing cost for two children and two adults in the area is $916, according to the Economic Policy Institute. Food for a family of four costs approximately $759 monthly, childcare costs $1,332, transportation is $1,165, and healthcare is $1,182. 

The median home price in Middletown is $150K. According to RentCafe, the average cost for rent is $978. 

Middletown Typical Monthly Living Expenses according to Numbeo 

  • Middletown monthly cost of utilities – $163 (for a family of four) 
  • Gallon of milk: $1.75 
  • Pair of jeans: $30
  • Running shoes: $60 

Middletown Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Middletown

There are two primary neighborhoods in Middletown. These are South Middletown and West Middletown. South Middletown is closer to downtown and West is more secluded. 

Middletown Weather & Climate

Middletown is in the midwestern United States. If you decide to move to Middletown, you will experience all four seasons yearly. It does snow in Middletown. The city averages about 12 inches of snow per year, whereas the US average of snowfall per year is 28 inches, so it is under average. Additionally, you can expect about 178 sunny days in the year. 

Middletown’s cold season lasts from late November to early March, when the daily high temperature is typically under 49 degrees Fahrenheit. January is the coldest month in Middletown and the average low is 25 with a high of 40. July is Middletown’s hottest month. The average high is 86 degrees. 

Things to Do in Middletown

Whether you are a patron of the arts who loves attending a musical show or prefer to spend your time outside in nature, you will find something you enjoy doing in Middletown. Of course, there is also the Middletown Shopping Center if you enjoy shopping. When you’re buying your groceries, don’t forget to check out Needler’s Fresh Market, too, for some of the best produce. 

Sorg Opera House

Whether you are looking for a fun night out on the town or routinely attend theatrical performances, you can’t miss the opportunity to attend a show at Sorg Opera House. The venue regularly has musicals as well as singers visiting. 

63 S Main St, Middletown, OH 45044 


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Veterans Memorial

Come to pay your respects to the people who helped secure our nation by visiting the Veterans Memorial. This moving experience will help you put your freedom into perspective. 

Fourteenth Ave Verity Parkway, Middletown, OH 45044

BeauVerre Riordan Studios

Did you know that Middletown is home to the oldest continually operating stained glass studio in the country? It’s true! This studio was established in 1838. Now, you can tour it. 

1054 Central Ave, Middletown, OH 4504, 513-425-7312

Here are additional Middletown activities you should look into: 

Middletown Restaurants 

No matter what type of food you are looking for, you are sure to find a Middletown restaurant that suits what you’re seeking. Whether you’re looking for Italian classics or want a delicious burger, you can find all of that and more. Here are a few of the best Middletown restaurants. 

  • The Swire Inn: This brick lined restaurant scores major points for its delicious food, reasonable prices, and awesome atmosphere. Get your taste of pub style food at this popular spot.

64 S Main St, Middletown, OH 45044, (513) 392-4448

  • Gracie’s: Gracie’s offers all of your favorite American foods in a laid-back, comfortable atmosphere that’s perfect for an evening out with friends or family alike.

1131 Central Ave #102, Middletown, OH 45044 

  • Taku Japanese Steakhouse: If you love Hibachi style meals, you’ll find Taku to be one of your most frequented restaurants in Middletown. This restaurant is perfect for families and couples, and offers a myriad of Japanese cuisine and Sushi. 

4750 Roosevelt Blvd, Middletown, OH 45044, (513) 423-8888

Jobs in Middletown 

Middletown is a reasonable distance from Cincinnati, so those moving here in hopes of finding a new opportunity may consider looking at roles in that larger city. However, there are still job opportunities in Middletown itself. Here is a job board that provides an updated listing of employers seeking candidates in or around the city. 

Some top employers in Middletown include Carington Health Systems, Middletown City schools, and Atrium Medical Center. The average hourly wage is $17.30 according to PayScale. 

Schools in Middletown 

If you are sending your children to public school in Middletown, they will be attending the Middletown City School District. This district has 6,026 students enrolled. This number included PK and K-12. There is a student-teacher ratio of 19 to 1. 

Middletown OH Statistics & Information 

  • County: Butler and Warren 
  • Area:  26.43 square miles 
  • Zip code:  45005, 45042, 45044, 45050 
  • Area code: 513
  • Elevation: 656’ 
  • Time zone:  EST 
  • Closest airport: Middletown Regional Airport, KMWO, , 0 miles 

Map of Middletown, Ohio 

Explore more things to do, restaurants, and amenities with this map of Middletown OH.

Moving to Middletown? Simplify your move.

Congratulations on your decision to move to Middletown, you will enjoy living in this city with a myriad of things to do and mild weather. It’s close to major cities such as Cincinnati and enjoys a lower cost of living compared to the rest of the US. If you’re ready to learn more about making your move, call our Middletown Ohio movers at 513-942-7500 for a free quote. 


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