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Living in Kenwood OH [2024] | COMPLETE Moving to Kenwood OH Guide

Last Updated on: 29th June 2024, 08:47 am

Located in the north-east of Cincinnati in Hamilton County, Kenwood is a charming suburb which is a popular stop for those living in Cincinnati due to its expansive shopping centers. Kenwood is the commercial district of Sycamore Township. Since 1803, the Sycamore Township has maintained the English colonist form of township government, and has grown from a humble rural backwater, with only a paper mill to differentiate it from any other pioneer town of the 1800s, to a flourishing suburban area with a strong economic center.

Kenwood, OH Population & Demographics

Kenwood has a small population of only 7,244 residents. However, don’t expect Kenwood to be some sort of sparse wasteland, because the distribution of people is about 3,100 per square mile, and with the added influx of people from Kenwood’s extensive shopping centers, Kenwood is pretty busy. The median age here is 42.5, but it’s pretty evenly distributed, so there’s no need to fear yourself or your children not being able to find friends in their age group. Racially, Kenwood is 76% white, but has significant Asian and black communities, being 8% and 9% of the population respectively.

Worried about crime while living in Kenwood? Kenwood OH is a very safe place to live: Kenwood’s total crime rate is only 69% of the national average. Kenwood is well educated too, with 14% of the population having a high school diploma, 33% having a bachelor’s degree, and 27% having a post-grad degree.

Cost of Living in Kenwood, OH

Those thinking about moving to Kenwood might have mixed feelings on the cost of living there. On the one hand, those living in Kenwood have the benefit of being in the Cincinnati area, which means their average cost of living prices are around 8% lower than the national average, accounting for utilities being 5% cheaper than average, and groceries being 9% cheaper than average, and average rent is a manageable $1,302 per month. On the other hand, the average price for a home in Kenwood is $297,900, nearly double the Cincinnati average of $163,100, and more than double the average of $140,000 for Ohio.

However, if you’re moving from a particularly expensive area, like California or some other coastal state, you’ll find Kenwood’s housing prices refreshingly low compared to back home. And even if Kenwood’s homes are pricey, the combination of cheap goods and services, safe neighborhoods, and beautiful homes should be more than enough to justify the price!

Kenwood, OH Schools & Colleges

Moving to Kenwood but concerned you or your children won’t have access to good schooling? You need not worry, for Kenwood is served by some of the very best school districts in Ohio! This suburb is served by the Indian Hill Exempted Village School District, Madeira City School District, and Sycamore Community School District, all of which are rated as top 10 school districts in Ohio! With this selection, there’s no need to worry about your child getting a less-than-satisfactory education.

But what about college? Thankfully, those living in Kenwood not only have access to excellent K-12 schools, but plenty of great community and 4-year colleges, such as the highly rated Catholic Xavier University and the similarly acclaimed public University of Cincinnati. Needless to say, if you’re in the market for education, Kenwood is a great place to start!

Kenwood, OH Climate & Weather

Kenwood’s climate can be pretty rough for those not accustomed to it. Summer months average at about 86 degrees Fahrenheit, while the depths of winter averages at about 22 degrees Fahrenheit. Be sure to prepare accordingly when moving to Kenwood, and bring both light and warm clothes! Kenwood gets more rain than most places in the US, getting 45 inches as compared to the US average of 38, but thankfully the opposite is true in terms of snow, this community only getting 15 inches per year in contrast to the national average of 28.

Best Neighborhoods in Kenwood, OH

Thinking about moving to Kenwood, but don’t know which community you want to be a part of? Don’t worry — we’re here to help! Choosing which neighborhood to move to can be tough, especially since so much is riding on your decision, including but not limited to community, school choice, and more. Thankfully, you’ve got options.

For those of you blessed with a fortune, you might want to take a look at Indian Hill. Indian Hill is home to one of the best public school systems in Ohio, if not the entire country, but that luxury comes at a hefty price — homes in Indian Hill are usually upscale mansions, and are very pricey, usually in the range of millions.

Want someplace that’s beautiful but not quite so pricey? Why not try Pleasant Ridge? Pleasant Ridge is a gaslight district with beautiful small homes and businesses in traditional styles. This community is diverse, safe, and robust, with a bustling small business sector.

Wondering what a home in one of these lovely neighborhoods might cost you? Take a look at the prices of homes in Kenwood, OH here. Start your journey to a new home in Kenwood today!

Jobs in Kenwood, OH

Those looking for jobs to make a living in Kenwood will be pleased to know that Kenwood has been undergoing positive job growth for quite a while now, thanks in no small part to its extensive network of commercial centers and businesses. Kenwood is a higher income area than most of Ohio, although not by a very significant margin. The average per capita income in Kenwood is $41,423, contrasted with the Cincinnati average of $33,130 and the Ohio average of $30,304.

If one wants to make a living in Kenwood, they would do well to take advantage of the high concentration of businesses in the financial sector. You should also consider job searching in wider Cincinnati, where fields like administration and nursing are very profitable.

Whatever profession sounds appealing to you, you should check out jobs in Kenwood, OH and see what works for you. You can make a great living in Kenwood!

Things to Do in Kenwood, OH

Being smack dab in the middle of Cincinnati, those living in Kenwood have quick access to everything you could possibly need in terms of entertainment. Alongside what you’d typically expect in terms of grocery and retail stores, with shopping centers such as the Kenwood Town Centre, Kenwood has plenty of parks and other forms of entertainment for anybody who loves adventure! Those moving to Kenwood should consider the relatively short drive to the city center for the widest range of possibilities.

Meier’s Wine Cellars Inc.

Are you somebody who can’t get enough wine? Love the refined art of wine tasting? Meier’s Wine Cellars is the place for you! Being the oldest and largest winery in Ohio, they’ve got everything any wine enthusiast worth his or her salt needs. Taste and then buy!

6955 Plainfield Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45236, (513) 891-2900

Swaim Park

The hustle and bustle of the city can get pretty overwhelming sometimes, and occasionally you’ll need just a little peace and quiet. Thankfully, the Swaim Park is the perfect place to unwind. With a duck pond, serene paths, and sports courts, Swaim is the place to let loose and stretch those muscles.

7650 Cooper Rd, Montgomery, OH 45242, (513) 891-2424

Places to Eat in Kenwood, OH

Kenwood is only a quick drive away from some of Cincinnati’s finest eateries! See only a small sampling to some of the best restaurants near Kenwood below!

Trio Bistro

Trio special for the next couple of nights: Shrimp and grits, featuring Ham, Italian sausage, southern Demi glacé, scallions

Posted by TRIO Bistro on Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Trio Bistro is an assuredly American diner serving all kinds of dishes in a stylish environment. From seafood to excellent burgers, Trio has got what any foodie needs.

7565 Kenwood Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45236, (513) 984-1905

Dewey’s Pizza

Headquartered in Cincinnati, Dewey’s Pizza is an excellent pizza joint with classic and experimental combinations for authentic, fired Italian pizza.

3014 Madison Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45209, (513) 731-7755

Tips for Moving to Kenwood, OH

  • Utilize the high concentration of businesses in the area to find gainful employment
  • Choose from a variety of safe and beautiful neighborhoods
  • Choose a community that’s right for you
  • Make use of Kenwood’s excellent school districts
  • Be prepared for inclement weather

Have you decided on moving to Kenwood? If the answer is yes, try Bell Moving & Storage! Our reliable and affordable moving company can move you to Kenwood quickly at competitive rates! Visit our website or give us a call today!


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