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Moving to Circleville? 🏘️ | What Living in Circleville OH Is Really Like!

Moving to Circleville? 🏘️ | What Living in Circleville OH Is Really Like!

Last Updated on: 26th November 2023, 06:39 pm

Not to be confused with Centerville, OH, a city near Cincinnati, is Circleville, Ohio. Circleville was named after the city’s layout that was created in 1810; the layout was configured by its original settlers, the Lenape Indians. The first European explorer wasn’t documented until 1751, when Christopher Gist visited a Lenape settlement built on the Scioto River bank. Gist remained the only European to visit Circleville until 1810, when Europeans started migrating west after the Revolutionary War. Circleville was established as a town in 1814 and was later incorporated as a city on March 25, 1853.

Eventually, the citizens of Circleville, Ohio, grew weary of the city’s particular shape and requested the reconfiguration of the town’s center. No future construction and development contributed to maintaining Circleville’s circular configuration. Circleville is now nicknamed the RoundTown and is known for hosting the Circleville Pumpkin Show—an event dating back to the early 1900s! Circleville’s motto is “Home of the Pumpkin Show.”

There is so much to love about living in Circleville; it’s a small town, providing a tight-knit community and charming ambiance. It’s located near Columbus, Ohio, and boasts a cost of living index that’s 14% more affordable than the average US state. If Circleville has sparked your interest, you’ll find plenty of attractions and a low crime rate; Circleville is a wonderful place to live.

Where Is Circleville Ohio?

Circleville, OH, is located in Pickaway County, OH, south of Columbus, and is the county seat of Pickaway. Logan Elm Village, Ashville, and Stoutsville border the city. Circleville is centrally located but is still surrounded by rolling hills and wide-open spaces. It’s 28.7 miles from Circleville, OH, to Columbus, OH, providing an optimal suburban living.

Circleville Ohio Population

The population of Circleville is 13,927; there’s been a 2.6% population increase since 2010. This city’s racial and ethnic makeup is far from diverse; 93.9% are White (93.8% are non-Hispanic or Latino), 3.1% are two or more races, 0.7% are Hispanic or Latino, 0.2% are Asian, 0.1% are American Indian or Alaska Native, and 2.8% are Black or African American.

Circleville, Ohio, is the most populous city in its county and has the 2nd lowest median household income. People living in Circleville earn a median household income of $46,205, which is below the US average of $69,021. The median age in Circleville is 36.7 years old, and 54% of its residents are under the age of—Circleville, Ohio is a popular city for young families.

Additional Circleville demographics: 

  • Educational attainment: 87% have high school diplomas, and 16.2% have bachelor’s degrees or higher
  • Foreign-born population: 0.3%
  • Veteran population: 10.2%
  • Marital status: 42% are married and 58% are single
  • Mean travel time to work: 21.2 minutes—82% travel alone, 12% carpool, 5% walk, 1% work from home

Notable people from Circleville:

Is Circleville Safe?

Before moving to Circleville, here’s an in-depth look at its crime rate.

  • Circleville, Ohio crime rate per 100k people: 4,124
  • Ohio crime rate per 100k people 2,159
  • US crime rate per 100k people: 2,346

Circleville’s crime rate is 91.0% higher than the state 75.8% higher than the country.

  • Circleville violent crime rate per 100k people: 234
  • Ohio crime rate per 100k people: 309
  • US crime rate per 100k people: 388

The violent crime rate in Circleville, OH, is 24.2% lower than the state and 39.7% lower than the country.

  • Circleville property crime rate per 100k people 3,890
  • Ohio property crime rate per 100k people 1,850
  • US property crime rate per 100k people: 1,958

Although Circleville has a high overall and property crime rate, the violent crime here is below the state and national average. Most crimes in Circleville are minor, making it plenty safe to live and raise a family. The Circleville Ohio Police Department has 20 sworn officers working to maintain its safe streets.

Cost of Living in Circleville

Circleville, Ohio, is a very affordable place to live; the cost of living index is 86, which is 14% below the US average, and the cost of housing index is 29% below the US average. The Economic Policy Institute says a family of four can live comfortably in Pickaway County, Ohio, with a $75,894 annual household income.

Typical Circleville* living expenses:

  • Inexpensive restaurant meal: $15.00
  • Gallon of milk: $3.27
  • Loaf of bread: $2.55
  • Dozen eggs: $2.46
  • Pound of local cheese: $6.12
  • Pound of chicken filets: $5.22
  • Average Circleville utilities per month: $316 (per Doxo)

Source: Numbeo.

*These figures are for Columbus, but you can expect similar prices when living in Circleville.

The Circleville, Ohio, real estate market is affordable with lots of options. The Circleville median sale price is $200,000, and the price per square foot is $154. Houses for sale in Circleville, Ohio, typically sell within 38 days, so if you see a home you love, we suggest acting fast.

The rental market here is just as affordable! According to RentCafe, the average rent in Circleville is $915 for a 767-square-foot rental. If you’d like to live in an affordable suburb near Columbus, Circleville is the place for you!

Circleville Ohio Weather & Climate

The weather in Circleville is enjoyable most of the year; the summers are long, warm, wet, and humid, and the winters are cold and snowy. Circleville, OH, has a Koppen classification of Cfa, which is best described as a humid subtropical climate, or hot, humid summers and cold, wet winters.

The average annual rainfall here is 39 inches, and the average annual snowfall is 16.2 inches. Circleville sees an average of 176 sunny days a year, and the average UV index is 5.2. The average high in the warmest month of the year (July) is 85.2 degrees Fahrenheit, and the average low in the coldest month of the year (January) is 20.3 degrees. Overall, the weather in Circleville, Ohio, is enjoyable for the majority of the year.

The best time of the year to visit Circleville is mid-June to late September—these months provide the optimal temperatures and forecast for warm-weather activities! We suggest stopping by between December and February if you’re more interested in the cold and snow.

Things to Do in Circleville Ohio

Circleville, Ohio, boasts plenty of shopping options. Sutherlands and Christopher’s Boutique are notable options. But there are also many other things to do in Circleville, Ohio!

A.W. Marion State Park

A.W. Marion State Park is one of the best parks in Circleville. You can enjoy 5 miles of hiking trails, tons of wildlife, fishing, and boating.

7317 Warner-Huffer Rd, Circleville, OH 43113, (740) 467-2690

Pumpkin Show Park

You can expect live music, hundreds of vendors, tasty food, and plenty of pumpkins at the Annual Pumpkin Festival! The event is typically held in mid-October or can enjoy the other events they host throughout the year.

121 N Court St, Circleville, OH 43113, (740) 474-7000

Additional Attractions in & Near Circleville

The Circleville Parks and Recreation Department maintains the five parks in Circleville and organizes the community events, which you can keep track of with their special events calendar! The city does not host the Pumpkin Show, so for the Circleville Pumpkin Festival schedule, you would have to visit the festival website.

Restaurants in Circleville Ohio

While Ohio is popular for having some of the best chili in the country, Circleville has countless food options. Here are some tasty Circleville restaurants you should try!


Roosters is a popular chicken wing restaurant. They serve anything from hot and spicy to sweet and tangy; if you’re craving chicken wings, Roosters is the place to be.

23865 US-23 S, Circleville, OH 43113, (740) 474-8200

Watt Street Tavern

Watt Street Tavern is a more sophisticated eatery here. Expect delicious dishes like chicken and waffles, jambalaya, and stone-fired pizza.

115 Watt St, Circleville, OH 43113, (740) 474-2158

City Barbecue

City Barbecue is one of the best restaurants in Circleville; they’re known for their moist brisket and mouth-watering sliced pork!

1631 S Court St, Circleville, OH 43113, (740) 217-8020

Jobs in Circleville Ohio

Circleville is the most notable city in its county, and while the popular Circleville pumpkin show can take some credit, its tight-knit community, safe streets, and a strong economy are the main reasons so many people are moving to Circleville. Before you take the big leap, we’ve formulated an in-depth guide to the city’s economy and what you can expect when living here.

Circleville’s economy employs 5,390 people, with an unemployment rate of 1.8% below the US average, and the city is projected to see a 32% future job growth by 2033.

Manufacturing is a key industry industry in Circleville, but other popular industries are health care and social assistance, retail trade, and construction. According to Pickaway County’s economic website, manufacturing companies employ more than 3,600 Pickaway residents. The main employers of Pickaway County are DuPont, Sofidel, PPG, and Georgia-Pacific.

It’s important to note what the average person earns while living here; the median household income is lower than the national average, but so is the cost of living. The average hourly wage in Circleville is $17.99, and the average base salary is $72,000.

Popular professions in the city of Circleville and their average salaries, according to Payscale:

Title Average Salary
Automation Engineer $104,308
Director, Nursing $83,500
Operations Manager $71,500

Job hunting shouldn’t be an issue when living in Circleville—-the city itself has plenty of options, and you’re located within 30 minutes of a very large economy – in Columbus. Regardless of your profession, we think you’ll have no issue finding Circleville jobs that are hiring, including city of Circleville jobs. You can earn a competitive salary and great benefits when working for the government.

Circleville Ohio Schools

Circleville is part of the Circleville City Schools. Three schools comprise the Circleville City Schools District. Circleville High School, elementary, and middle school are all great places to send your children. Circleville Elementary only has 1,050 students, which provides a 21-1 student-teacher ratio. And Circleville Middle School is ranked the best middle school in Circleville by U.S. News! Circleville even boasts a great public library for you or your children to utilize—the Pickaway Public Library is located in the town’s center. It is the ideal place for you (or your children) to learn and grow.

If you’re interested in furthering your education, Circleville is perfectly positioned near notable colleges. The Ohio State University and Miami University Ohio are just a short drive from the city. Overall, Circleville has a good education system that helps its adolescent and adult residents succeed academically!

Circleville Statistics & Information

  • County: Pickaway County
  • Circleville area: 7.34 square miles
  • Circleville zip code: 43113
  • Circleville area code: 740
  • Circleville elevation: 696 feet
  • Circleville time zone: Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4)
  • Closest airport to Circleville: John Glenn Columbus International Airport (CMH) is 33.4 miles from Circleville

Circleville OH Map

Explore more attractions and excursions with this map of Circleville, Ohio!

Now that you know everything there is to know about the city of Circleville, Ohio, you should feel confident that moving to Circleville is the right decision for you! Circleville has so much to offer—from its many job opportunities to beautiful land and tight-knit community! And it’s all at a low cost of living—you can’t get much better than that! When you finally make the transition, call Bell Moving at 614-503-0035; we have qualified Circleville movers ready to help you move!



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