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Historic brick houses in Bridgetown Ohio

Guide to Living in Bridgetown OH | Why Moving to Bridgetown Ohio 🌳 is a Top Choice!

Last Updated on: 24th May 2024, 11:28 am

Living in Bridgetown OH brings you to an inviting Census designated place on the northwest outskirts of Cincinnati, where the natural beauty of Ohio blends with the benefits of suburban living and nearby city access.

Named after Bridgeton New Jersey, the town from which Bridgetown’s first settlers moved, this Cincinnati suburb has seen substantial growth from its early days of trapping and hunting. Residents enjoy access to opportunity galore, while great schools and other living essentials further enhance the allure of this up-and-coming community. From its affordability to the parks that scatter the walkable neighborhood streets, let’s look closer into why Bridgetown Ohio is a great place to live!

Where Is Bridgetown Ohio?

You can picture Cincinnati, but where is Bridgetown, and what county is Bridgetown OH in? Located in Cincinnati’s West Side, Bridgetown OH is a part of Green Township and Hamilton County, with Cincinnati city center a mere 10 miles away. This suburb is ideal for those looking for city conveniences in the Tri-State Area but quieter living, and with Interstate 74 just north, its location makes Bridgetown OH well connected to other neighborhoods in Cincinnati OH.

Bridgetown OH to Bevis OH is a quick 20-minute drive north, while Cheviot makes up its east border, Covedale the south, and Mack the west. On the map, you sometimes see Bridgetown as Bridgetown North; however, the name was changed to just Bridgetown on the 2020 census due to the area’s growth and expansion.

Individuals living in Bridgetown Ohio enjoy excellent Cincinnati public transportation, helmed by Metro, the non-profit division of the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority, which offers bus routes throughout Hamilton County, making it easy to get around.

Bridgetown OH Population & Demographics

What is the Population of Bridgetown OH? As of the 2020 census, there are 14,731 happy residents, a steady figure to the 2010 population of 14,407. People living in the area typically own their home with a strong 84.7% homeownership rate, highlighting the long term appeal of living in Bridgetown, and most households have 2.5 people under the roof.

The Bridgetown Ohio population density is 3,414.7 per square mile to Cincinnati’s 3,974.0, curating a similar living experience but with a touch more space between neighborhoods.

25.0% of the Bridgetown OH population is under 18, while 17.8% is over 65, the median age being 36.9, contributing to a nice mix of ages that enhance the dynamic nature of the town. There’s an almost even number of females (50.1%) to males (49.9%), and 95.1% of the Ohio Bridgetown population have a high school diploma, and 30.4% a college degree.

To break down the Bridgetown Ohio demographics further, people living in the area are 93.6% White (93.1% White alone), 1.6% Black, 0.3% American Indian Alaskan Native, 0.5% Asian, 1.4% Hispanic/Latino, and 3.8% two or more races.

With a median household income of $76,270, the population enjoys a high quality of living in Bridgetown Cincinnati mixed with varied demographics that make it a loveable place to call home.

That said, if you’re moving to the city, you might be wondering, “Is Bridgetown a safe place to live?“.

The crime data provides insight, although there’s not a definitive crime rate being a smaller census designated place. Pulling FBI data from Cincinnati, where the crime rate is 95.1% higher than the county, estimates place the crime rate in Bridgetown OH as far lower than this figure, closer mirroring the crime rate of its nearest neighbor, Cheviot, where the total crime is 26.% higher than the country but violent crime is 52.8% less.

So, yes, Bridgetown Ohio is safe and proudly protected by the dedicated efforts of the Green Township Police Department as well as community efforts.

Cost of Living in Bridgetown OH

The cost of living in Bridgetown OH, without a set cost of living index of its own, reflects that of the Cincinnati OH cost of living, where the index is an affordable 92.2, or 7.8% lower than the national average. The Economic Family Institute Family Budget Calculator estimates that a family of four make $95,323 per year to comfortably meet typical living expenses in the area, which often look like:

  • Loaf of bread: $3.91
  • Gallon of milk: $2.45
  • Hamburger: $5.18
  • Doctors visit: $126.53
  • Gas: $3.77/gallon
  • Bridgetown OH Cincinnati utilities: $163.74/month average energy bill
  • Phone bill: $176.14
  • Vet visit: $62.01

Data sourced from Payscale.

The Bridgetown OH real estate market provides further insight into the area’s specific cost of living, hinting that its even lower than Cincinnati OH. Homes for sale in Bridgetown OH feature a median sale price of $219,950 ($153 per square foot), which is up 21.2% over the year. Compared to Cincinnati, where the median price is $255,000, Bridgetown is an enticingly affordable suburb.

Apartments in Bridgetown further solidify this fact. Although more luxurious options are available, the average rent in Bridgetown is $1,003/month, far below the $1,713 national median. So whether you’re a first time Ohio home buyer or on the hunt for your next studio, the houses for sale in Bridgetown OH, and Bridgetown apartments promise a plethora of options in a range of budgets.

Bridgetown OH Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Bridgetown Cincinnati

Families enjoy a variety of housing experiences in the area, be it suburban neighborhoods with the often brick single-family homes and well-kept yards to condos or apartments. With proximity to schools, parks, and top things to do, here’s a handful of the best places to live in Bridgetown, Ohio.


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Regency Ridge Condominiums Bridgetown OH

Condos for sale in Bridgetown, Ohio, are a sought-after option for those seeking a comfortable lifestyle, with Regency Ridge Condominiums offering spacious living in the $200,000-$230,000 range with the added convenience of proximity to local amenities. Nestled in a prime location, this community is within reach of excellent educational facilities like All About Kids Childcare, shopping destinations, and scenic parks, making it an ideal home for families and professionals alike.

StoneBridge Bridgetown North Ohio

Stonebridge in Bridgetown, OH, offers a quaint suburban appeal with homes that present a perfect blend of affordability and space, featuring households in the mid $200,000s to $500,000s range. Just off Lawrence Road, this inviting neighborhood is conveniently located, providing residents with easy access to local schools like Oak Hill High School, shopping destinations, and serene parks for a balanced and community-oriented lifestyle.

Oak Hills Bridgetown Ohio

Just off Werk Rd., Residents in Oak Hills Bridgetown enjoy a great place close to the Oak Hills Presbyterian Church, Our Lady of the Visitation School, and the Woodland golf course. Households here are varied, typically single family, but hard to come by in the competitive Bridgetown real estate market.

Bridgetown OH Weather & Climate

The weather in Bridgetown OH is varied, offering a temperate climate with the most pleasant times in September, June, and May, three comfortable months with highs between 70-85°F, excellent for nearby outdoor activity.

Be prepared to sweat a bit in July, with highs typically around 85.4°F, one of the hotter areas in the state. Cool off in winter’s January low of 22°F and the average 17 annual inches of snowfall, making for a year-round destination for those who enjoy distinct seasonal changes. If you’re visiting during the holidays, December features highs of 41°F and lows of 26°F.

Whether you’re basking in the summer sun or enjoying a snowy landscape, the weather in Bridgetown OH contributes to the region’s appeal as an attractive place to live and visit.

Things to Do in Bridgetown OH

No matter your age or interest, there are so many engaging, fun things to do in Bridgetown Ohio, and in surrounding Ohio hot spots. Soak up some sunshine in the parks or fulfill your retail needs at top shopping destinations like the nearby Western Hills Plaza or LouLou’s Boutique, and when you’re in the mood for more, check out the following things to do in Bridgetown:

Green Township Bike and Walk Trail

For a mellow morning cruise or a hardcore run, this trail offers it all. A simple yet beautiful 2 mile out and back paved trail, it’s suitable for all ages, and the colors truly come to life in fall.


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Hutchinson Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45248

Stumps Bowling Lanes Bridgetown OH

Whether it’s a date night, a family evening out, or joining a league, bowling is always a hit. Stump’s Bowling Lanes doesn’t disappoint, a local hot spot located just off Bridgetown Road, where laughter echoes off the lanes and community gathers.

5536 Bridgetown Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45248 (513-574-4488)

Scallywag Tag

Just 10-minutes south of Bridgetown, Scallywag Tag is an adventure-filled destination, perfect for friends and family. Race over to engage in some playful laser tag battles and experience one of the best things to do in Bridgetown OH, a pirate-themed adventure sure to make memories.

5055 Glencrossing Way, Cincinnati, OH 45238 (513-922-4999)

Additional Attractions Bridgetown Ohio

If these weren’t enough, stop by one of the amazing parks in Bridgetown managed by the Green Township Parks Department or these additional attractions in and near the suburb:

Bridgetown OH Restaurants

The restaurants in Bridgetown OH are as good as they get, and there’s a dining experience sure to satisfy any pallet. If you’re looking for food in the area, make sure to stop by these local favorites:

Nick and Tom’s Bridgetown Ohio

Nick & Tom’s has been a staple in the community since 1988, offering a cozy spot where locals can savor a variety of hearty dishes, from homemade soups to perfectly grilled steaks, in an atmosphere that feels like home. This family-operated eatery not only serves up delicious meals but also a slice of Bridgetown history with every plate.

5774 Bridgetown Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45248 (513-574-4242)

West Shine Family Restaurant

WestShine Restaurant, a beloved spot in the West Side, rolls out a delightful breakfast to brunch transition with homemade staples like biscuits ‘n gravy and pancakes, to savor in a homey ambiance that feels just like family. It’s the perfect locale to indulge in heartwarming meals that carry on cherished family traditions and create new memories.

3245 Westbourne Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45248 (513-922-9378)

JTaps Bar and Grill Bridgetown

At JTaps Bar and Grill, established in 2006, you can enjoy some of the best hand-crafted gyros in town, indulge in wings with signature sauces, and select from an impressive beer and bourbon list, all in a lively and friendly atmosphere. It’s the perfect spot to gather for sports, good eats, and great drinks.

6441 Glenway Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45211 (513-574-9777)

Jobs in Bridgeton OH

Bridgetown OH Jobs span across various industries that contribute to the residents median household income of $76,270 in 2022 dollars, and being close to major epicenters in the state like Cinnicnati, there’s plentiful opportunity.

The leading industries are retail trade, health care & social assistance, and manufacturing, while some of the largest employers in the area include Honda of America Mfg., Inc., The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company, and Nestlé, among others!

To search for jobs in Bridgetown OH, visit a website like Indeed Jobs Bridgetown or browse Union County Ohio jobs to discover government positions with great pay and excellent benefits.

Bridgetown OH Schools

The Oak Hills Local School District manages the excellent schools in Bridgetown OH, a top education system of which contains two Blue Ribbon Institutions. The elementary age range will typically attend Oakdale Elementary School, a place where early education thrives. Middle school students will attend Bridgetown Middle School, with Oak Hills High School (OOHS) as their next step.

There’s also a handful of nearby private schools, and for college education, a few universities nearby include the esteemed University of Cincinnati OH, and Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, where the future of Bridgetown is shaped.

Bridgetown Statistics & Information

  • Bridgetown OH County: Hamilton
  • Bridgetown Ohio Township: Green Township
  • Bridgetown area: 3.4 square miles
  • Bridgetown OH zip code: 45211, 45248, 45258
  • Bridgetown area code: (513)
  • Bridgetown elevation: 984 feet
  • Bridgetown time zone: Eastern Standard Time (UTC-5 and 4)
  • Closest airport to Bridgetown: Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG), 30.6 miles away

Map of Bridgetown OH

Welcome to your interactive map of Bridgetown Ohio, where you can explore all this wonderful city has to offer, from best bites to eat to all the fun things to do!

If living in Bridgetown OH piques your interest and a move is in your future, our team is eager to ensure an effortless transition. Call the best Cincinnati OH movers today at 513-942-7500 for a free quote and stress-free transition to your new home in the beautiful state of Ohio!


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