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Moving to Alexandria KY? | 👪 What You’ll Love About Living in Alexandria!

Last Updated on: 24th April 2024, 06:25 pm

Are you thinking about moving to Alexandria, Kentucky? Just twenty minutes from the city, you’ll enjoy peaceful rural living, beautiful surroundings, and a low cost of living. Families can appreciate Alexandria’s great schools and well-maintained parks with the amenities of the big city just a short drive away.

Alexandria was first settled in 1793 and was later incorporated in 1856. In more recent years, Alexandria has been recognized for hosting renowned local events such as fairs, parades, and statewide-famous horse shows. Overall, the quiet and calm city of Alexandria is a great place to live for families, retirees, and empty nesters seeking a laid-back community away from all the big city hustle and bustle.

Where Is Alexandria KY?

Located near the heart of Campbell County, the home rule-class city of Alexandria is a suburb of Cincinnati in the Cincinnati metropolitan area. In the Bluegrass State of Kentucky, Alexandria is nestled six miles west of the magnificent Ohio River and Kentucky-Ohio border and sits just four miles east of the winding Licking River.

Alexandria is bordered by several cities and communities:

  • Claryville to the south
  • Carthage to the east
  • Camp Springs to the north
  • Ryland Heights to the west

The distance from Alexandria KY to Cincinnati OH is around 20 miles north. Meanwhile, you’ll have to drive 107 miles southwest to get from Alexandria KY to Louisville KY. When it comes to commuting, Alexandria is one of the several cities home to the second oldest road established in Kentucky– the Old State Road. There are around 10 bus stops within Alexandria along U.S. Hwy 27, each operated by the Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky. This allows for decent public transportation to and from Alexandria KY.

Alexandria KY Population & Demographics

Alexandria has experienced a 22% increase in population between 2010 and 2020. As of now, the population in Alexandria KY is 10,341. Pro wrestler B. J. Whitmer is one of the most notable people to have lived in the community. The Alexandria population density is 1,493.1 people per square mile which lends to a more rural-suburban feel. With a median household income of $88,777 ($33,323 above the state median), here are a few more Alexandria demographics to consider:

Alexandria demographics: 

  • Median household income: $88,777 ($33,323 above the state median)
  • Median age: 37.4
  • Foreign born population: 2.2%
  • Educational attainment: 31.1% have a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Racial and ethnic demographics: 94.7% White (93% non-Hispanic), 1.4% Asian, and 0.6% Black or African American.
  • Sex ratio: 51.9% female and 48.1% male

Is Alexandria Kentucky safe? According to the FBI, the crime rate in Alexandria is 1,278 per 100k population. You have a 1 in 78 chance of being a crime victim. That’s 37% lower than the Kentucky crime rate and 45.5% lower than the US crime rate! Both property crime and violent crime are at least 30% lower than both the state and country. Alexandria KY is an exceedingly safe place to live in and raise a family.

While living in Alexandria, KY, you’ll be protected by the 17 police officers of the Alexandria KY Police Dept.

Cost of Living in Alexandria Kentucky

Is Alexandria KY affordable? Well, the cost of living index for Alexandria is around 87– or 13% below the national average. According to the Economic Policy Institute, a family of four living in Campbell County should bring home at least $85,960 a year to afford a modest lifestyle. Alexandria city taxes are typical for the area:. there is a 1.5% income tax, a 6% sales tax, and a 0.172% Alexandria city property tax rate which has slightly decreased since last year.

Does Alexandria KY real estate spark your interest? If you’re moving to Alexandria, there is a variety of houses for sale in Alexandria KY to choose from. There are several houses for rent Alexandria KY as well. Here’s what you can expect for prices of homes and Alexandria KY apartments according to Redfin and Rentcafe:

  • Alexandria median home price: $250,000 ($7,500 below state median)
  • Average monthly apartment rent in Alexandria: $1,066 for an 860-square foot

Alexandria KY typical living expenses

If you’re living in Alexandria, Kentucky, below is Payscale’s list of everyday expenses that you can expect to be included in your monthly spending.

  • Average Alexandria utilities per month: $167.80
  • Trip to doctor: $118.54
  • Veterinary visit: $52.98
  • Gas: $4.09/gal
  • Milk: $2.12/gal
  • Loaf of bread: $3.38

Alexandria Neighborhoods | Best Places to Live in Alexandria KY

In addition to the city’s picturesque rolling hills and charming farmlands, the mainly rural city of Alexandria is home to many peaceful and quiet areas with well-maintained homes and kind, welcoming neighbors. Residents living in Alexandria have close access to family-friendly events such as fish frys, neighborhood yard sales, and spectacular holiday decor displayed throughout the community– including Light Up Alexandria.

Condos and homes for sale in Alexandria KY mostly include traditional, ranch, and colonial styles. Many of the homes here were built in the last 20 years, but you’ll find historic homes dating all the way back in the late 1800s!


The southern end of Alexandria typically has the most affordable real estate. Homes and properties here range from $18,000 to $409,000. Conversely, the western region of Alexandria brings you close to many schools and is generally the most desired. As the most affluent part of the city, homes here sell for up to $580,000. Northeastern Alexandria is where you’ll find the Alexandria Fairgrounds, excellent parks, a series of restaurants, a sports center, and close access to horseback riding and the Hickory Sticks Golf Club.

Alexandria KY Weather & Climate

The weather in Alexandria KY is greatly influenced by its humid subtropical climate. The city experiences cold and snowy winters that get down to 22°F, and warm, humid summers that reach up to 86°F. If you’re living in Alexandria KY, this makes for the perfect weather to play frisbee golf or stroll around the city’s soothing nature trails. Make sure you invest in a good umbrella: Alexandria gets 42 inches of annual rainfall. You’ll also want to brace for winter which sees 14 inches of annual snowfall. With spring, summer, and early fall as the most favorable times of the year, the best months to visit Alexandria KY are in May, June, and September.

Things to Do in Alexandria, Kentucky

Moving to Alexandria is a great idea if you love spending time outdoors, but there’s also convenient shopping in the city with big-box retailers like Walmart and Kohls. Alexandria is home to the Village Green Shopping Center, which features over 35 stores. Here are just some of the best things to do in Alexandria, KY.

Alexandria Community Park

This 80+ acre park features beautiful walking trails, fishing, a playground for the little ones, basketball and baseball courts, and picnic tables for quality time with family.

3965 Alexandria Dr, Alexandria, KY 41001, (859) 635-4125

Southern Lanes Sports Center

This local bowling alley, bar, and sports center is the perfect place to take the family on the weekend! Here, you have access to bowling, volleyball, cornhole, billiards, and even live music while enjoying a great meal!

7634 Alexandria Pike, Alexandria, KY 41001, (859) 635-2121

Alexandria Fairgrounds

The Alexandria Fairgrounds has some of the best family-fun events in Kentucky with agriculture exhibits, crafts, carnivals, parades, and horse shows!

100 Fairground Rd, Alexandria, KY 41001, (859) 635-2667

Additional Attractions in Alexandria KY

The Campbell County Parks & Recreation department operates the parks and recreational facilities in Alexandria. You can keep up with Alexandria KY news & events through the city’s official website. The agriculture and horticulture events and facilities in Alexandria are operated by The Agricultural Society of Campbell County. These events include numerous Alexandria horse shows that are known throughout the state and around the world.

Alexandria KY Restaurants

If you’re moving to Alexandria, you can expect a wide selection of restaurants ranging from American, Mexican, and Asian cuisine to BBQ and pizza joints. Here are a few of the best restaurants in Alexandria Kentucky:

El Rio Bravo Mexican Restaurant

Great Mexican restaurant serving delicious, authentic dishes in a relaxed, cozy setting.

6815 E Alexandria Pike, Alexandria, KY 41001 (859) 448-9906

Four Mile Pig

One of the best BBQ restaurants in Alexandria KY, Four Mile Pig is known for its pulled pork, briskets, and signature Brussels sprouts.

7962 Alexandria Pike, Alexandria, KY 41001 (513) 802-6923


This top-rated Alexandria restaurant serves up delicious sandwiches, tasty french fries, and affordable prices.

9924 Alexandria Pike, Alexandria, KY 41001, (859) 448-0999

Jobs in Alexandria, KY

Alexandria is expected to experience a 39.2% job growth over the next ten years, which is 5.7% above the U.S. average. According to Payscale, the average base salary in Alexandria KY is $70,000, while the average hourly rate is $19.84. Alexandria’s most popular job positions include registered nurses, critical care workers, and office managers. Some of the most popular employers are:

  • Sirius Computer Solutions
  • Campbell County Schools (jobs)
  • Walmart (jobs)
  • AutoZone
  • GNC Holdings Inc
  • Knights of Columbus (jobs)
  • RadioShack Corporation

Interested in career opportunities? You can explore thousands of jobs in Alexandria KY on Indeed. You’ll also find exciting Alexandria city government jobs and Campbell County Kentucky employment opportunities.

Alexandria KY Schools

Families living in Alexandria are served by the Campbell County School District which has 5,175 students and a 16:1 student-teacher ratio. Most teens attend Campbell County High School in Claryville which is ranked the 19th best high school in Kentucky by U.S. News.

Interested in Alexandria private school options? St. Mary’s School is a private K-8 Catholic school and Blue Ribbon School. Bishop Brossart High School is the city’s private Catholic high school in the Diocese of Covington.

If you’re moving to Alexandria, you’ll be served by the Campbell County Public Library: Alexandria Branch which stays open 7 days a week.

Alexandria Kentucky Statistics & Information

  • County: Campbell
  • Alexandria area: 6.93 mi²
  • Alexandria KY zip code: 41001
  • Alexandria area code: 859
  • Alexandria elevation: 820 feet
  • Alexandria time zone: Eastern Standard Time (EST)
  • Closest airport to Alexandria: Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) – 20 miles west of Alexandria

Alexandria KY Map

With this map, you can explore the Alexandria Kentucky area as well as more things to do nearby!

If moving to Alexandria KY is in your future, allow our professional Alexandria movers to give you a seamless relocation! Call Bell Moving today at 513-942-7500.


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