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Living in Mariemont Ohio [2024] | Top ❤️️ Moving to the Village of Mariemont Tips

Last Updated on: 22nd March 2023, 08:44 am

Known for its buildings with a distinctive and beautiful half-timbered architectural style, Mariemont, a planned community village, is a wonderful Cincinnati upper-middle class sub-community with lots to love. Nearly as old as the settling of Ohio itself, Mariemont evokes a rustic charm that you wouldn’t think possible in a metropolitan area like this. If you want a historic and tight-knit community with easy access to Cincinnati’s biggest amenities, look no further than Mariemont! The community here is truly unique, and is sure to provide you with a great living experience.

Mariemont, Cincinnati, OH History

Mariemont’s origins lie in pioneers bravely traversing the harsh landscape of America to the west, who first settled the Cincinnati area in the late 18th century. Mariemont itself was only sparsely populated, and remained mostly undeveloped throughout Cincinnati’s history.

That changed in the early 20th century. Mary Emery, a philanthropist, dreamed of building a community in a style that evoked the past while allowing people of all walks of life to live within it. Emery wished to build something that resembled an English garden city, and while this resulted in Mariemont’s beautiful and unique look, it ended up driving construction costs up by quite a bit, meaning that the initial idea to admit all classes would eventually be dropped. Since then, this planned community has always had an affluent character.

The community of Mariemont is a National Historic Landmark, as designated by the US government, and is regularly praised for being a walkable neighborhood with wonderful architecture and an unusually high rate of community participation. Those who love the feeling of being surrounded by friendly neighbors will love this community!

Mariemont, Cincinnati, OH Location & Transportation

Mariemont is situated on the Little Miami River, which feeds into the Ohio River from the north. Mariemont is also north of Cincinnati’s city center by only a few miles. Theoretically speaking, one could walk from Mariemont to Cincinnati’s outer limits.

Mariemont is easily within range of Cincinnati’s robust public transportation networks. Prominent examples include the Cincinnati Bell Connector, one of the few still operational streetcar systems in the US, as well as the typical array of buses and passenger trains, like the Cardinal and Greyhound Lines.

Mariemont is a neighborhood that is very easily walkable. For the most part, you won’t have to use any sort of motorized transportation at all! Mariemont’s wide array of attractions, restaurants, businesses, and more, are all available at just a short walk away.

If you do need to transport yourself around the area, however, you’ll find that it’s not difficult either. The distance from Mariemont to Cincinnati is only ten miles, and generally takes around fifteen minutes by car.

People, Lifestyle, and Culture of Mariemont, Cincinnati, OH

Mariemont is home to only 3,513 people, with the entire community only taking up less than a square mile of space. Demographically, 93% are White, and there are some negligibly small cohorts of Asians and Blacks. These two communities make up 1% and 2% of Mariemont’s population, respectively. Mariemont’s population is skewed towards women, with a gender ratio of 53% female to 47% male.

Mariemont’ appeal comes from its beauty, and its tight-knit community. Mariemont’s architecture is so unique that in 2007, the entire area was designated as a national historic landmark by the state government. Additionally, the American Planning Association called Mariemont a “Great Neighborhood” owing to its unique character, walkability, and strong sense of community.

Worried about crime in Mariemont? Have no fear, because Mariemont is among the safest of  Cincinnati’s many neighborhoods, with a stellar A+ rating on Areavibes. The total crime rate here is 72% lower than the national average, with violent crime being 100% lower and property crime being 69% lower. Rest assured, you’ll be as safe as Mariemont’s beautiful houses in this community!

What to Eat, Do, and Shop in Mariemont, Cincinnati, OH

Having your neighborhood be safe and beautiful is great, but without a proper repertoire of things to do and places to eat, a neighborhood won’t be all it could be. Thankfully, Mariemont has plenty in both departments! While Mariemont does have some small shopping centers like the Mariemont Promenade, most of the shopping in Mariemont comes in the form of specialty stores. Stores like Coolest Toys on Earth, Capsule, and Pomegranate & Lime are only scratching the surface of the shopping on offer here.

Looking for good restaurants in the Mariemont area? This community has some of the best eateries in Cincinnati! For a classic American menu in a super stylish environment, one can’t go wrong with the National Exemplar. Pancakes, pies, burgers, ribs, name a classic American dish, and the National Exemplar has it. If you want something in a little more of a casual environment, Mac’s Pizza Pub is another excellent choice. A favorite among locals, this place is exactly what it says on the tin: pizza mixed with a bar and wide selection of drinks. A great place for a night out!

Restaurants are in no short supply in this neighborhood, but what about something a little more exciting? While certainly lighter in the attractions department than the restaurant department, Mariemont still has plenty of things to see and do! First and foremost is Dogwood Park. A simple outdoor area with a playground for the kids, picnicking areas, and space to romp around, it’s obvious why many locals choose to come here on their off-days. A lesser known local attraction is Santa’s Workshop. This interactive display of animatronic elves opens around Christmas season every year, and has been a Cincinnati staple since they were first displayed in Shillito’s during the ‘70s. A fun attraction to see with the kids!

Mariemont Map

Mariemont, Cincinnati, OH Real Estate

Mariemont is a stunningly beautiful community, and a very safe one to boot, and that comes with its price hikes. The median sale price of a home in Mariemont is $395,100, but prices can vary widely depending on size and location. This median home price is more than double the median price of homes in the wider Cincinnati area, being $168,900. According to Redfin, the median amount of time for a house to be on the market in this area is 40 days, with 60% of homes being sold above listing price. Not the most competitive market out there, but not quite easy to get into, either.

Renting in Mariemont is more or less congruent price-wise with the surrounding areas, with the average monthly rent for all apartments being $1,226. This is a relatively nice, middle range cost for apartments in what is probably one of Cincinnati’s nicest neighborhoods. Although most of these property prices are very expensive for the state of Ohio, they are nothing compared to prices in other big cities in the country. You’ll be getting a lot of bang for your buck here!

If you’re interested in looking at listings for Mariemont’ homes, take a look at some Mariemont, Cincinnati, OH real estate options here.

If you have school age children, they will be served by the Mariemont City Schools for elementary through high school.

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