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living in fort thomas ky

Is Living in Fort Thomas KY Right For You? 🤷‍♀️ | [2024] ULTIMATE Moving to Fort Thomas KY Guide

Last Updated on: 29th June 2024, 08:41 am

Located in the northeastern corner of Kentucky is the beautiful “home rule-class” city of Fort Thomas. The city is known to be rich in history since Fort Thomas was once the site of a great Indian battle. Archeologists have discovered around 500 to 600 graves of Indian warriors along the city, indicating that the Cherokee tribe fought and lost to the Shawnees and Miamisin in an intense three day battle. Legend has it that the Cherokee chief had betrayed a man that specialized in medicine, who was highly respected by the other tribes, and this contributed to the deadliness of the battle. Since then, several arrowheads have been found in Fort Thomas by construction workers and school children on field trips. While Fort Thomas has a fascinating history, it is also popular amongst families and young adults that love the slower pace of life along with the safe environment that allows residents to roam peacefully around the city. Notable people from Fort Thomas include Oscar producer Lucien Hubbard and back up NFL quarterback Jared Lorenzen.

Fort Thomas, KY Population & Demographics

Fort Thomas has a population of 16,308 people. Females make up 51.4% of Fort Thomas’s population and males make up 48.6%. Fort Thomas’s racial demographics are 93.2% White, 2.02% mixed races, 1.61% African American, 1.37% Hispanic, and 1.21% Asian. The median age in Fort Thomas is 39.4. No matter your age, you want to feel protected in your community, and luckily you can thanks to Fort Thomas crime rates being 78% lower than the national average, making Ft. Thomas KY a very safe place to live!. There are 23 police officers in the Fort Thomas Police Department that dedicate their time to prioritize your safety.

Fort Thomas Cost of Living

If you’re moving to Fort Thomas, it’s a somewhat affordable place to live. The cost of living in Fort Thomas is 11.7% higher than the rest of Kentucky, however the city is 5% less expensive than the national average. Housing costs in Fort Thomas account for a large percentage of that number since real estate in Fort Thomas is 29% more expensive than the Kentucky average. Fortunately, there are other essentials in Fort Thomas that are much more affordable. Utilities in Fort Thomas are 10% lower than the national average.

The home ownership in Fort Thomas is 71%, so the majority of Fort Thomas residents own their homes. Fort Thomas’s housing market is considered to be very competitive with homes being sold within 8 days of it being listed on the market. The average cost of a home in Fort Thomas is $290,000 or $194 per square foot – about a 15% growth since last year. However, most homes in Fort Thomas are being sold for 1% lower than the original asking price, so now is one of the perfect times to buy one of the many beautiful homes for sale in Fort Thomas before prices continue to rise.

There is still a good portion of Fort Thomas residents who choose to rent instead of buy. The average rent in Fort Thomas is $921 and that price is projected to increase by 6% in the next year. 

Fort Thomas, KY Neighborhoods & Best Places to Live

Fort Thomas isn’t distinctly split into neighborhoods, but rather split up by their street names. The most popular areas to reside in Fort Thomas are Alexandria Pike, City Center, and Dayton Pike. Alexandria Pike is the most affordable area to live in Fort Thomas and has the easiest access to the freeway. Many houses in City Center are older, creating a vintage touch to the area. Dayton Pike is one of the most expensive parts of Fort Thomas with many families residing there.

Fort Thomas, KY Weather

Fort Thomas’ weather experiences all four distinct seasons bringing fairly mild temperatures throughout the year. The summers in Fort Thomas are warm and humid with an average high temperature of 86°F and low temperature of 67°F. Meanwhile, Fort Thomas’s winters are cloudy and fairly chilly with highs of 48°F and low temperature of 25°F. Fort Thomas’s climate also allows for much precipitation throughout the year with 44 inches of rainfall and 17 inches of snow. Fort Thomas residents believe the pleasant weather is a great advantage to living in the city with sunny summers and white winters.

Things to Do in Fort Thomas

There is plenty to do in Fort Thomas. We’ve discovered the most popular activities in Fort Thomas for you to check out below:

Tower Park


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Tower Park is one of Fort Thomas’s favorite destinations for its popular recreation center, picnic tables, playgrounds, tennis courts, baseball/softball field, and sand volleyball court. Many residents head to the 86 acre park on sunny days to escape their everyday life to play the sports they love the most!

900 S Ft Thomas Ave, Fort Thomas, KY 41075, (859) 781-1700

Highland Hills Park

If you love to go hiking to see beautiful scenery, then you can’t miss out on Highland Hills Park. This is a great activity for kids in Fort Thomas since they will be able to get outside the house and take a break from the world to be more in tune with nature

Mayfield Ave, Fort Thomas, KY 41075, (859) 781-1700

Additional Things to do in and around Fort Thomas

Fort Thomas has 11 parks that residents are able to enjoy. Learn more about them on the City of Fort Thomas parks/shelters/fields site.

Fort Thomas Restaurants

Fort Thomas is every foodie’s dream! Here are some of the best places to dine in Fort Thomas:

Fort Thomas Pizza and Tavern

If you’re heading out for date night, you’ll want to stop by Fort Thomas Pizza and Tavern for dinner. This Fort Thomas restaurant serves the best pizza and handcrafted beer in a casual setting that makes it fun and easy to dine in on any night of the week!

1109 S Ft Thomas Ave Suite A, Fort Thomas, KY 41075, (859) 441-5030

New Garden

Craving something different? New Garden is a Chinese restaurant that serves authentic and fresh dishes, including spring rolls, crab rangoon, dumplings, egg drop soup, fried rice, and more! The restaurant has received hundreds of positive reviews complimenting their friendly staff and delicious menu.

1031 S Ft Thomas Ave, Fort Thomas, KY 41075, (859) 781-7888

Map of Fort Thomas, KY

Explore more things to do, places to eat, and beyond with this Fort Thomas map.

Jobs in Fort Thomas, KY

The median household income in Fort Thomas is $78,972  – a 2.78% growth from last year. The city currently employs 8,496 people with the majority of jobs being found in health care, professional and scientific services, and retail trade. The highest paying industries in Fort Thomas are finance, insurance, real estate, and public administration. Poverty in Fort Thomas has declined dramatically by 14.5% in the past year, leaving the poverty rate at 5.21%!

If you’re interested in relocating to Fort Thomas, it’s good to know what your daily commute will look like. Fort Thomas workers have a short commute time of 18.3 minutes, which is about 7 minutes less than the normal US worker. The majority of Fort Thomas commuters take the trip alone since most people own a car. However, 12.4% of those workers carpool with someone else and 6.24% work from home. Many Fort Thomas residents travel to Cincinnati for various job opportunities. If you’re planning to commute to Cincinnati for your job, you can click here for directions from Fort Thomas, KY to CIncinnati, OH, which is 10 minutes away.

Schools in Fort Thomas, KY

The most popular schools in Fort Thomas are Highlands High School, Woodfill Elementary School, Johnson Elementary School, and Moyer Elementary School. All of these schools are complimented on their diversity and high test scores. You’ll be happy to know that Fort Thomas has a 95% graduation rate – 7% higher than the rest of the nation! Many students and residents love to take advantage of the free Campbell County Public Library.

Fort Thomas Statistics & Information

Those residing in Fort Thomas will be located in Campbell County. The area code for Fort Thomas is 859. Fort Thomas’s zip codes are 41075, 41076, and 45226. Fort Thomas is in the Eastern Daylight Time Zone. The elevation of Fort Thomas is 860 feet. Fort Thomas is 6.4 square miles in area.

Living in Fort Thomas Pros & Cons

  • Pro: Access to great schools
  • Pro: Plenty of good job opportunities nearby
  • Con: Fort Thomas has a lot of rain

Ready to change your address and call Fort Thomas your new home? If so, you’ll want the help from our best Fort Thomas moving company to get you there! Call Bell Moving at 513-942-7500 to get a free quote!


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