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Donating Furniture in Cincinnati, OH - Who Will Pick Up and How to Donate

Donating Furniture 🛏️ in Cincinnati (2024) | 👉 Who Will Pick Up & How to Donate

Last Updated on: 22nd March 2023, 08:44 am

Whether you are moving to a new city or recently got a new apartment, you may need help getting rid of your old items. Thankfully, Cincinnati furniture donation pick up can make donating your old couches, tables, and other items easier. With free furniture pick up in Cincinnati, a truck comes to your house to get your items and take them away.

Once you decide to donate furniture, the next step is determining where you want it to go and who will pick it up. There are a variety of thrift stores and charities in Cincinnati you can choose from. You can look for a charity or non-profit organization that focuses on a cause you care about.

Another way to choose where to donate furniture is by looking at their hours of availability. For you to donate furniture in Cincinnati, the truck has to be available during the days or hours you can be around for them to come by.

Whether you are relocating to Cincinnati or simply need to get rid of some old stuff, you can donate furniture before, during, or after your move. Instead of throwing away your unwanted items, you can use them to raise money for important causes. Plus, donating your old furniture means you don’t have to spend money on having it dropped off at a landfill.

Things to Remember Before You Donate in Cincinnati

Before you start donating furniture in Cincinnati, you should check with the thrift store or charity to see if they will take the items you have. Some stores have rules about what they will take, when they will take them, and similar guidelines. The last thing you want is for your Cincinnati furniture donation pick up to be canceled because you didn’t know about one of the rules.

When you go to major non-profit organizations like Habitat for Humanity in Cincinnati, you will likely find similar requirements across. Bigger companies will also generally have more time slots available for furniture donation pick up.

Most of the time, organizations will only take lightly-used furniture that is still in good condition. Charities want quality items for their causes and thrift stores need to make a profit. These companies won’t be able to fill these needs if they are paying to dispose of broken furniture.

Get a tax credit for your furniture donation in Cincinnati

When you donate furniture in Cincinnati, you can also get a tax benefit for your donation. If you are giving your items to a charity, the federal government allows you to use your documentation to get a tax credit for your furniture’s fair value. In order to do this, you need to get a receipt and save it for a write-off at the end of the year.

And while your furniture donation in Cincinnati can get you a tax break, there are limits on how much you can get. No matter how much you donate, you can only deduct a maximum of half of your adjusted gross income for the year. In addition, your donation must be given to a licensed charitable organization or a non-profit and not simply given to a separate third-party.

The process to donate furniture in Cincinnati is simple and straightforward. All you have to do is call the organization where you want to donate and schedule a pickup. While some of these locations are booked for weeks in advance, most have upcoming openings in their schedules.

Who Will Pick up Donated Furniture in Cincinnati?

Whether you want Goodwill pickup in Cincinnati or go with Habitat for Humanity, there are a variety of options you can choose from. Once you figure out where to donate furniture, the next step is calling the group or reaching out to them on their website. Then, you can sit back and wait for them to take care of the rest of the donation process.

1. St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store and Donation Center

If you are wondering who will pick up donated furniture in Cincinnati, you don’t have to look any farther than the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store, a top choice for furniture donations. You can schedule a free furniture pick up in Cincinnati by calling them at (513) 421-CARE (2273).


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This organization provides a safety net for local residents living throughout Cincinnati. It serves to protect the region’s most poor and vulnerable people. Contributions of time, money, and furniture help to restore hope for people in need.

Other than scheduling a Cincinnati furniture donation pick up, you can also drop off items on your own. You can donate items at one of the many donation boxes located in downtown Cincinnati. It is also possible to drop off items at one of St. Vincent de Paul’s seven locations in the area.

St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store, 4530 Este Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45232, (513) 421-2273

2. Habitat for Humanity ReStore – Cheviot

Habitat for Humanity in Cincinnati works to provide housing for members of the community. At Habitat for Humanity, your items are sold to support their mission of building houses for people who can’t afford normal housing options.

Does Habitat for Humanity pick up furniture? You have two basic ways of making a furniture donation in Cincinnati. If you have smaller items, you can drop them off at one of the five ReStores in the city on Friday or Saturday during business hours. You can donate items like building materials as well as furniture items.

If you want to donate large items like couches, you can call the nearest Cincinnati ReStore location or schedule your pickup through their online form. Habitat for Humanity accepts donated furniture made out of metal, upholstered materials, or wood. You can also donate items like framed mirrors, lamps, and chandeliers.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore, 3970 N Bend Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45211, (513) 389-1792

3. Recycle Cincinnati

Another way to get a Cincinnati furniture donation pick up is through Recycle Cincinnati. This locally owned boutique has a 2,200-square foot showroom of antiques, furniture, electronics, and household items. Other than repurposing old items and secondhand furniture, Recycle Cincinnati strives to give back to the local community.


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If you need help donating furniture in Cincinnati, Recycle Cincinnati is the place to go. They even offer a home clean-out service to help people who are moving in and out of their homes. Once you schedule the service, Recycle Cincinnati’s crew members show up to take broken and non-damaged items away.

Recycle Cincinnati, 7426 Montgomery Road, Silverton, OH 45236, (513) 633-4064

4. Goodwill Donation Center

The Goodwill Donation Center is a popular place for donating furniture in Cincinnati. Goodwill’s mission is to help people get job training and find work all across the country. Along with training for a new job, Goodwill helps people achieve affordable housing.

Wondering how to donate furniture to Goodwill? You can easily schedule a Goodwill pickup in Cincinnati for your old, gently used furniture. There are Goodwill branches throughout the nation, which makes getting free furniture pick up much easier. You can also drop off your items in person if they are small enough to carry by yourself.

For pickup services, Goodwill in Cincinnati uses an outside vendor who can be reached at 800-825-7819. The vendor charges a fee for their pickup service, and the fee includes junk removal as well as the cost of transporting your old furniture. Anything not accepted by Goodwill is taken to the landfill instead.

Goodwill, 6700 Winton Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45224, (513) 541-0409

Cincinnati Furniture Donation Map of Charities that Will Pick Up

Plenty of Furniture Donation Pick Up Options in Cincinnati

As you move to a new place or consolidate your belongings, finding out where to donate furniture in Cincinnati can help you simplify the moving process. The right Cincinnati furniture donation pick up service will come to your home to remove your old furniture.

A furniture donation in Cincinnati is more convenient than taking your items to the dump. In addition, furniture donations allow you to give back to your local community. While you get a tax write-off from your donation, your old items get to have a second life in another family’s home.

Are you looking for an agency to do a pick up of your donated furniture? Please reach out to one of the agencies mentioned above. Do not call Bell Moving.

Need help with an upcoming relocation? Call Bell Moving at (513) 942-7500 or complete the Request a Quote form above for a free Cincinnati moving estimate!


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