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Crime Rate in Middletown, OH

Middletown Ohio Crime Rate [2024] | 👮 Is Middletown Ohio Safe? [Crime Map, Statistics + More]

Last Updated on: 25th April 2023, 11:56 am

Located in Butler and Warren counties sits Middletown, Ohio; incorporated as a city on February 11th, 1833, Middletown is an established US city with many great attributes. Middletown, Ohio, is known for its steel production; the first steel in Middletown was made in 1902. The first steel producers of Middletown are now industry leaders, also known as Armco Steel Corp.

Before moving to Middletown, OH, or any new city, you’ll want to know more about it and ensure it’s safe! Although Middletown, OH, is in the 50th percentile for safety, most crime is isolated to specific areas, meaning there are countless safe and family-friendly neighborhoods within Middletown. Don’t let the Middletown crime rate deter you, keep reading to see the numerous safe neighborhoods, information on the police department, and more!

Understanding the Middletown Ohio Crime Rate – How Crime Rates Are Calculated

Crime rates are statistics gathered by the FBI by state and local law enforcement agencies.

The crimes included in these statistics are:

  • Violent crimes: a crime of violence with malicious intent; a violent act involving an offender causing harm to a victim. Statistics include murder (homicide), arson, rape, kidnapping, armed robbery, aggravated assault, weapons charges, and sexual assault or sexual battery.
  • Property crimes: a crime where someone (the offender) causes harm, damage, steals, or destroys the victim’s property or belongings. These include burglary, larceny theft, motor vehicle theft, and arson.

While crime rate statistics can be helpful, the FBI discourages using crime rate statistics to compare cities and when deciding if a city is safe or not for various reasons.

For example:

  • FBI crime rate statistics do not consider or include unique factors such as agency reporting accuracy, as crime reporting practices vary in the city.
  • Only indexed crimes are included in these statistics. Indexed crimes are crimes that fit into specific property or violent categories.
  • Crime rates can be misleading with a lack of context. For example, there can be an intense spike in overall crime in a specific city, but that same city can still have the lowest crime rate in the state.
  • Crime rates are based on entire cities, not by neighborhood or area. Most cities have safe and not-so-safe areas, which can affect their overall crime rate.
  • FBI statistics don’t include shootings in their crime rate stats.
  • Certain crimes are targeted. For example, most violent crimes are domestic violence crimes, which are crimes committed by an offender who knows the person personally or is in a relationship with them.

Yes, crime rates can be a useful tool, but in Middletown, Ohio, crime rate statistics can also be misleading, especially if you don’t understand them fully.

While the overall crime rate in Middletown, Ohio, is 25.0% higher than the state (2,698 per 100k people), this can be attributed to certain areas which crime rate stats don’t consider.

What Is the Middletown Crime Rate?

Are you asking yourself if Middletown, Ohio is safe or if Middletown, Ohio is a good place to live? You’re in the right place. We have all of Middletown crime rate information and statistics below!

  • Middletown, Ohio crime rate: 2,698 per 100k people
  • Middletown violent crime rate: 301 per 100k people
  • Middletown property crime rate: 2,397 per 100k people

There is a one in 37 chance of becoming a victim of crime in Middletown, Ohio.

  • Ohio total crime rate: 2,159 per 100k people
  • Ohio violent crime rate: 309 per 100k people
  • Ohio property crime rate: 1,850 per 100k people

The violent crime rate in Middletown, OH, is 2.5% lower than the state, the property crime rate is 29.5% higher than the state, and the overall crime rate is 25.0% higher than the state.

  • US total crime rate: 2,346 per 100k people
  • US violent crime rate: 388 per 100k people
  • US property crime rate: 1,958 per 100k people

The violent crime rate in Middletown, OH, is 22.4% lower than the country, the property crime rate is 22.4% higher than the country, and the overall crime rate is a slight 15.0% higher than the country.

Middletown Crime Map & Crime Reports

Having a crime map for Middletown, Ohio, is a great resource to have on hand. It helps you decide which areas are worth visiting or living in while ensuring you remain safe and away from high crime areas. This Middletown Ohio crime map will show you high-crime areas and help you assess which neighborhoods are safe and the type of crimes each neighborhood faces.

Doing research into the Middletown, Ohio, police department is always a great idea too. Like all police departments in the city of Middletown, Ohio, police reports are public records and can be easily accessed on their official website. They sometimes need to be requested, but there should be a tab or contact information on how to request these reports.

Violent Crime in Middletown Ohio

The violent crime rate in Middletown, Ohio, is lower than in the state and the country.

  • Middletown murder rate: 6 per 100k people
    • 14% lower than the state and 8.3% lower than the country
    • 3 homicides in 2022
  • Middletown violent crime rate: 301 per 100k people
    • 2.5% lower than the state and 22.4% lower than the country
      • 2 murder and nonnegligent manslaughter
      • 11 rapes
      • 28 robberies
      • 105 aggravated assaults

There is a one and 332 chance of becoming a victim of violent crime in Middletown, OH.

Property Crime in Middletown Ohio

While the property crime rate in Middletown, Ohio, is higher than the state, it’s far from the highest crime rate in Ohio. Cleveland has a crime rate of 5,727 per 100k people.

Middletown property crime rate: 2,397 per 100k people

  • 29.5% higher than the state and 22.4% higher than the country
  • 1,170 were committed in 2020
    • 182 burglary
    • 889 larceny-theft
    • 99 motor vehicle theft
    • 2 arson

There is a one in 25 chance of becoming a victim of Middletown, OH property crime.

Bad Areas in Middletown Ohio

Are you wondering which areas in Middleton, OH should be avoided? Here is our list of the areas of Middletown, Ohio, with the highest crime rates.

Avalon is a neighborhood located on the north-northwestern side of Middletown and is known for having heavy, violent crime. There have been homicides and rapes in this area, which likely isn’t the best place to buy a home or live.

Although it is a college campus, the area surrounding Miami University is riddled with crime, which isn’t uncommon as land in those areas is cheap to buy and build on. Colleges often provide security to ensure the students are safe, but that’s not to say it’s a safe place to live off of campus.

  • Northwest area

The entire Northwestern area of Middletown is known for high crime levels, including violent crimes and homicides.

  • Downtown Middletown

Very commonly, downtown areas of cities have high crime rates due to high homeless populations usually; that’s the case for Middletown as well. While some homes are beautiful and historic, the immediate downtown area is considered a higher crime area.

Sherman is yet another hot spot for crime in Middletown, OH. Sherman is just on the outskirts of the very bad areas, but it seems to still be affected by the high crime rates at the heart of the city.

Safest Neighborhoods in Middletown OH

There are many safe neighborhoods in Middletown for you and your family!

  • Astoria

Astoria is a safe neighborhood with a competitive housing market, which makes buying any home here a great investment.

The homes in Astoria are single-family two to three bedroom homes with a median price of $287,724. Astoria is conveniently located in the far west of Middletown, in an area with extremely low crime rates.

  • Manchester Meadows

Manchester Meadows is the lowest crime area in all of Middletown and has a median home price of $280,275. Most homes are medium sized, three to four bedrooms, but Manchester has its fair share of larger, five to six bedroom homes.

  • Creekview

The median real estate price in Creekview is $253,610, making it the most affordable, safe neighborhood in Middletown. Although most real estate is single-family homes, Creekview has duplexes and apartments for those not ready to buy yet. The homes in Creekview provide a timeless, vintage appearance, as most were built between the 40s and 60s.

Middletown Safety Tips – How to Avoid Crime in Middletown OH

The Northwest side of Middletown has a significantly higher overall crime rate as opposed to the rest of the city; the same goes for the downtown and historic district. The South, Southeast, and Northeast are all perfectly safe, low-crime areas of Middletown, Ohio.

Safety should be your main concern, no matter how high or low the crime is in your city. Anyone can fall victim to assault, theft, rape, or much worse.

There are many ways you can protect yourself:

  • Always during daylight
  • Avoid going out late at night alone
  • If you do go out, always travel in groups
  • Avoid sketchy crowds
  • Always lock your home and care—even in the daytime, most break-ins happen during the day.
  • Lock your windows
  • Increase outside lighting
  • Carry pepper spray
  • Install indoor and outdoor video surveillance

Middletown Police Department

The Middletown, OH, police department runs a tight ship, and the officers have dedicated their lives to protecting their citizens. There are 88 Middletown police department sworn officers, equivalent to two per 1,000 citizens. The police chief of the Middletown, OH, police department is David Birk, and he has been serving the community for the last 12 years.

If you or someone you know or love happens to have a run-in with the Middletown police department, it’s crucial to know you can easily access all the city of Middletown police reports online at your convenience. You will likely have to make a request prior to the report, but those are usually processed promptly.

Middletown Ohio Crime Rate FAQ

  • Is Middletown, Ohio, safe? Overall, while there are a few questionable neighborhoods and areas in Middletown, there are so many safe, quiet, and quaint neighborhoods that are optimal for residing or raising a family.
  • What is the Middletown, OH, crime rate? The overall crime rate in Middletown, Ohio, is 2,698 per 100k people.
  • Is Middletown, Ohio, a good place to live? Middletown, OH, is a wonderful place to live, partly because of its unique midwestern flair and because it’s a safe, quiet place with beautiful homes and a low cost of living.

Now that you know Middletown is a perfectly safe place to live, start your career, or raise a family; you’ll need trustworthy Middletown Movers to assist during your relocation. Bell Moving and Storage has over 100 years of experience and is ready to lend a helping hand. Call today at 513-942-7500 for a free estimate.


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