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Columbus moving costs

Columbus Moving Costs ๐Ÿšš | How Much Do Movers Cost in Columbus?

Last Updated on: 13th September 2023, 12:22 pm

Columbus is an amazing city that offers affordable living and a family-friendly atmosphere. You may want to move to Columbus for many reasons, whether it’s to be closer to family, for employment reasons or just to take advantage of the affordable living. However, relocating to a new home can be stressful, no matter the circumstances.

Hiring movers in Columbus can significantly reduce the pressure and save you time and energy that can be better spent preparing for the next chapter of your life. However, before hiring anyone to assist with your relocation, you’ll likely want to estimate the costs to create an accurate budget. At Bell Moving, we are here to help you calculate the costs of your upcoming relocation and offer affordable rates, tailored to your needs. Here is a breakdown of the moving costs in Columbus.

Factors That Affect Your Columbus Moving Costs

Columbus moving rates can vary greatly depending on a variety of different factors. The average cost of moving household goods in Columbus, Ohio will vary depending on the complexity of the move. Not all customers are traveling the same distance, nor do they require the same services. So, a few critical elements will affect the overall Columbus moving costs.

For example, if you’re planning a local move, (50 miles or less), you’ll be charged an hourly moving rate. Whereas a long distance relocation is usually offered at a flat rate, although in some cases, you may hire hourly movers in Columbus to assist with the unloading (depending on the requirements). So many factors impact Columbus moving rates that you should consider while creating your budget.

Variables that will determine the cost of moving in Columbus:

  • The volume of the cargo: How many boxes, pieces of furniture, and other items do you have that require transportation? The greater the amount and the longer it takes to move them, the higher the costs will be.
  • Packing: Are you planning on packing on your own or requesting professional packing services? We offer whole home, partial packing services, and unpacking, but it will take longer and cost more if you leave it to the pros.

  • Supplies: You will have to pay extra for boxes, materials, and other packing supplies if you let the crew pack for you.
  • Access: Access is also a major component of your Columbus movers rate. Movers need somewhere to park the truck and need a clear path to transfer your possessions in and out. It will be more affordable if they can park in front of your home or building, and it may cost extra if they have to park down the block or around the corner.
  • Stairs/Elevator: Accessibility inside the building is also crucial. Units above the ground floor naturally add additional difficulties that make the process take longer. Elevators are less strenuous but take longer because you must wait for them each time. But stairs can also get difficult if you are on a high floor.
  • Furniture Assembly/Disassembly: Our crew is happy to assemble and disassemble your furniture to make travel more convenient; however, it may take time, which will impact your Columbus moving rates, especially if it’s required for multiple items.
  • Distance of the move: The further the distance from the origin to the destination, the longer it will take, which will increase your Columbus moving costs, especially if there is significant traffic or other delays.
  • Special Items: If you have any items that require special attention or extra care, such as a piano, family heirlooms, expensive artwork, or exercise equipment, it will cost extra.

Full-Service Movers vs. DIY Moving in Columbus

Although it may cost extra, there are many excellent reasons for hiring a full-service Columbus moving company rather than doing it on your own. The cost of movers in Columbus will pay for itself by freeing up your time and reducing stress that may impact other aspects of your life. Some reasons to hire professional movers in Columbus:

  • DIY moving doesn’t necessarily save you money: You still have to rent a truck, pay for gas, and take time off work, which may cost more in total.
  • Professionals have the necessary experience: A trained crew will have the knowledge, experience, and professional tools to ensure the job is done safely, saving you from injury or damaging your prized possessions.
  • Save time and reduce stress: Movers eliminate stress and save you time by handling the process from start to finish, which is difficult to quantify with a number but can benefit your life.
  • Movers protect your furniture and home: An experienced crew will prep the home beforehand to protect windows, walls, floors, and doors so you don’t risk losing your security deposit or having to hire a repairman.
  • Additional services available: Full-service Columbus moving companies don’t just transport your belongings; they can also help with packing, furniture assembly/disassembly, and even offer storage if needed.

Average Moving Costs in Columbus | Columbus Moving Cost Estimates

But how much do movers cost in Columbus? The best way to estimate moving costs is to reach out and request a moving estimate. The customer service team will let you know the rate of moving costs per hour and how many crew members will be required to complete your project. So the rate of three movers will be less than two and so on. Moving companies in Columbus set prices based on the difficulty of the project and the size of the crew required. So you can trust them to estimate how many movers your project will take. Here are a few tips for getting a quick moving estimate in Columbus.

Cost to Move a 1 Bedroom Apt in Columbus

Moving apartments in Columbus typically requires two movers and 3 to 6 hours for a one bedroom unit. So, using a relocation cost calculator, double the hourly rate and multiply that by 3-6 for a moving cost estimate.

Cost to Move a 2-Bedroom Apt in Columbus

Moving a two-bedroom apartment also typically takes about 3-6 hours but often requires three movers. So simply repeat the same process by adding one additional person.

Cost to Move a Home in Columbus

For a small home, you will typically need 3 to 4 movers and 4-7 hours. However, you may have additional house moving costs in Columbus, Ohio, such as packing, storage, and any other requested services.

Before doing any calculations, make sure to contact the company directly and request their moving rates in Columbus based on the size of the home, what items are being transferred, and what services are needed. For long-distance moves that are out of the area, cross country, or out of state, they will provide you with a binding moving cost estimate.

Tips to Make Your Relocation More Affordable

Although certain costs are fairly set in stone, such as the distance you need to travel or the number of crew members needed to handle the job, there are a few ways you can make your relocation more affordable. Here are a few tips for reducing your Columbus moving costs.

  • Get rid of as much as possible: The more clutter you have, the longer the project will take. Plus, if there are things you don’t need, throw them out before the movers arrive so you don’t pay extra for transporting trash.
  • Pack yourself and label everything: If the movers have to pack for you and supply boxes, it will cost extra. So packing on your own can reduce the cost. Plus, the more organized your belongings are, the easier it will be to unpack, speeding up the process and keeping things more affordable.
  • Disassemble furniture, unplug electronics, and wrap up cords: Reduce any unnecessary friction and save time by preparing all furniture and large items before the movers arrive.
  • Get approval from the HOA or landlord, etc.: If the movers have to wait until you can access the building or figure out where to park, it will cost extra, so get permission from the necessary parties ahead of time.
  • Be a good traffic cop: Give the movers clear directions when they arrive at the final destination so there are no delays while they figure out what goes where.
  • Offer snacks and energy drinks to the crew: They will appreciate your generosity and be willing to work harder to complete the job quickly.

How to Choose a Columbus Moving Company

You’ll want to hire the best movers in Columbus if you’re looking for affordable service. Here’s what to look out for.

  • Carefully review their Google and Yelp reviews.
  • Check their home page for key statistics.
  • Stats to look for: claims rate, referral rate, how long they’ve been in business, how many moves they’ve performed, etc.
  • Do they have the proper licensing and insurance?
  • Does their team have the proper training and equipment to handle the job?
  • Is their customer service team attentive to your needs?

Bell Moving and Storage offers the best affordable movers in Columbus. We are fully licensed and insured, with hundreds of positive reviews on Google and Yelp. We’ve been in business for over 100 years and have served 100,000 customers while maintaining a customer satisfaction rating of 98%. Trust us to make your upcoming move affordable and stress-free.

Additional Columbus Moving Tips

How Much Should You Tip Movers in Columbus?

While it’s up to you to decide on how much to tip, we recommend $25 per mover or 18-20% of the total moving cost for the crew to split.

Ultimate Columbus Moving Checklist

Click here to download our ultimate Columbus moving guide.

Ready for an affordable and stress-free relocation? Now that you know how much movers cost in Columbus, youโ€™re all set to relocate. Trust our Columbus local movers to make your upcoming move smooth and cost-effective. Call 614-503-0035 today for a free-personalized moving estimate.



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