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Aerial view of a city near Dayton OH.

Explore Top Cities Near Dayton Ohio 🌉 | Overview of Cities & Towns Near Dayton Ohio

Last Updated on: 1st July 2024, 03:49 pm

Dayton, Ohio, is a vibrant city in the heart of the Miami Valley, located in Southwest Ohio and known for its rich history, thriving arts scene, and significant contributions to aviation. Whether you’re visiting the area or considering a move to somewhere within the greater Dayton Metropolitan Area, you’ll discover a vast array of suburbs, towns, and other cities near Dayton Ohio that promise a truly enjoyable experience.

Home to Greene, Miami, and Montgomery County, the Dayton metro area offers an attractive cost of living in addition to plentiful opportunities in education and job advancement. The population of 814,049 residents enjoy access to major cities, beautiful parks, and a range of recreational activities. You can spend time enjoying the Dayton Art Institute, shopping at the Dayton Mall, catching concerts, and so much more.

With lots to offer, where will you go?! For those looking to explore or relocate to the region, we’ve compiled a list of the best cities and towns near Dayton Ohio, each with its own distinct character and advantages!

Largest Cities Near Dayton Ohio

Dayton is conveniently located near major cities like Cincinnati and Columbus, making it an attractive area for those seeking a vibrant urban experience. In this section, we focus on the largest cities near Dayton Ohio within a 30-mile radius, all boasting populations above 25,000. These cities offer thriving communities and a variety of amenities, perfect for both visitors and potential residents.

Springfield – 26.7 Miles From Dayton

  • Population: 58,662
  • County: Clark County
  • Median home price: $132,500
  • Total crime rate: 5,711 crimes per 100,000 residents

Springfield, the largest of the cities near Dayton Ohio, is located just 26.7 miles away from downtown Dayton and serves as the county seat of Clark County. Incorporated in 1827, Springfield is home to Wittenberg University, a renowned liberal arts college, and the beautiful Buck Creek State Park, offering ample educational and recreational opportunities.

Despite its higher crime rate, this Ohio city near Dayton boasts a very affordable median home price of $132,500. With its rich history, vibrant community, and proximity to Dayton, Springfield stands out as one of the most significant cities in Dayton OH.

Interested in living in Springfield? Visit our guide to learn more!

Kettering – 5.3 Miles From Dayton

  • Population: 57,862
  • County: Montgomery County
  • Median home price: $213,800
  • Total crime rate: 15-18 crimes per 1,000 residents

Kettering, Ohio, is one of the largest, closest cities near Dayton Ohio, situated just 5.3 miles outside the greater Dayton area. Named after inventor Charles F. Kettering, this lively city offers a mix of suburban allure and urban amenities. Kettering is home to the Fraze Pavilion, a popular outdoor entertainment venue, and numerous parks, including Hills & Dales MetroPark.

This Ohio city near Dayton is known for its excellent schools, such as Kettering Fairmont High School, and a strong sense of community. Additionally, Kettering Health, a prominent and leading healthcare network, provides top-notch medical services to residents and is one of the largest employers. With a median home price of $213,800, Kettering provides an attractive living option for families and professionals looking for proximity to Dayton while enjoying a lower cost of living.

Middletown – 25.1 Miles From Dayton

  • Population: 50,987
  • County: Butler & Warren Counties
  • Median home price: $185,750
  • Total crime rate: 2,698 crimes per 100,000 residents

Middletown, Ohio, is one of the nearest cities to Dayton Ohio, located just 25.1 miles away. As a city spanning Butler and Warren Counties, Middletown offers a blend of suburban tranquility and urban convenience. Home to the AK Steel Holding Corporation and Miami University’s regional campus, it provides a strong industrial and educational presence. 

Middletown’s median home price of $185,750 makes it an affordable option for many, and its crime rate is relatively low. Residents appreciate the city for its budget-friendly living, though some note the limited nightlife options. With a rich history dating back to its incorporation in 1833, Middletown continues to grow and evolve, making it a notable city close to Dayton.

Discover the many benefits of living in Middletown Ohio!

Beavercreek – 8.9 Miles From Dayton

  • Population: 46,549
  • County: Greene County
  • Median home price: $293,000
  • Total crime rate: crimes per 100,000 residents

Beavercreek, Ohio, is one of the surrounding cities of Dayton Ohio, located just 8.9 miles away. As the largest city in Greene County, Beavercreek offers a blend of suburban comfort and vibrant amenities. The city is home to The Greene Town Center, a popular shopping and entertainment destination, and boasts an impressive park system with 24 parks spanning 434 acres.

Residents enjoy a variety of recreational opportunities, including bike paths and playgrounds. With a median home price of $293,000, Beavercreek provides an attractive living option for families and professionals seeking proximity to Dayton while enjoying ample green spaces and community activities.

Explore the joys of moving to Beavercreek OH

Huber Heights – 9.5 Miles From Dayton

  • Population: 43,439
  • County: Montgomery County
  • Median home price: $206,000
  • Total crime rate: 1,963 crimes per 100,000 residents

Huber Heights, a city near Dayton Ohio located just 9.5 miles away, is one of the fastest-growing suburbs in Montgomery County. With a population of 43,439, this city boasts a median home price of $206,000 and a remarkably low crime rate of 1,963 crimes per 100,000 residents, making it an attractive place for families. Huber Heights is known for its convenient location near the intersections of I-70 and I-75, making it a hub for the trucking industry.

The city offers plenty of amenities, including the Rose Music Center, the Kroger Aquatic Center, and a popular Farmers Market at The Heights. The low violent crime rate, which is 43% lower than the state average, and affordable houses further enhances the appeal of this vibrant and rapidly growing community.

Fairborn – 12.8 Miles From Dayton

  • Population: 34,510
  • County: Greene County
  • Median home price: $203,000
  • Total crime rate: 1,853 crimes per 100,000 residents

Fairborn, a suburb of Dayton, is known for its low crime rate, which is 14.2% lower than the state average. The city is home to Wright State University, contributing to its vibrant and youthful atmosphere. Fairborn’s name is a combination of the villages Fairfield and Osborn, which merged in 1950.

The city near Dayton Ohio has a strong connection to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, providing numerous employment opportunities. Education is a highlight, with institutions like Wright State University and the Air Force Institute of Technology.

Fairborn also offers extensive recreational facilities, including 773.2 acres of parkland and nature preserves. Annual events like the Sweet Corn Festival and the USAF marathon foster a strong community spirit. With its blend of educational institutions, historical significance, and recreational opportunities, Fairborn is an excellent choice for those looking to reside near Dayton.


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See what it’s like living in Fairborn Ohio!

Troy – 21.2 Miles From Dayton

  • Population: 26,305
  • County: Miami County
  • Median home price: $262,500
  • Total crime rate: 13.31 crimes per 1,000 residents

Troy, Ohio, a city near Dayton located 21.2 miles away, is the county seat of Miami County and boasts a rich history and engaged community. The city is home to the Troy-Hayner Cultural Center, a historic mansion hosting various cultural events and exhibitions. Another notable attraction is the Overfield Tavern Museum, which provides a glimpse into early 19th-century life.

Troy’s low crime rate of 13.31 crimes per 1,000 residents makes it a safe place to live and raise a family. The city’s charm is further enhanced by the annual Strawberry Festival, celebrating the local strawberry harvest with parades, games, and delicious treats. Additionally, Troy offers excellent educational facilities, including the highly regarded Troy City Schools.


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Whether you’re exploring the local museums, enjoying a festival, or simply taking in the scenic views along the Great Miami River, Troy offers a welcoming environment for residents and visitors alike.

Xenia – 15. 8 Miles From Dayton

  • Population: 25,441
  • County: Greene County
  • Median home price: $220,500
  • Total crime rate: 2,447 crimes per 100,000 residents

Xenia, located just 15.8 miles east of Dayton, curates an alluring living experience. Known as the “City of Hospitality,” Xenia offers a welcoming community atmosphere and a variety of amenities. The city is notable for its annual Dayton Hamvention, attracting amateur radio enthusiasts from around the world. Despite its growth, Xenia maintains a relatively low crime rate, making it a safe and attractive place to live.

Learn why moving to Xenia is a top choice for families! 

Other Cities In Dayton Ohio

In addition to the major cities near Dayton Ohio, there are several smaller cities and towns near Dayton Ohio within a 30-mile radius that offer welcoming communities and great amenities.

These cities, with populations ranging from 10,000 to 25,000 residents, provide a diverse range of living experiences, from bustling suburban areas to serene small-town vibes. This list includes incorporated cities and towns near Dayton, as well as census-designated places (CDPs), ensuring a comprehensive overview of the region.

Notable highlights include cities and towns near Dayton Ohio popular with retirees for their amenities and others desirable for families due to low crime rates and excellent schools.



Distance From Dayton OH

Riverside Montgomery 24,474 4.4 mi
Centerville Montgomery 24,240 16 mi
Trotwood Montgomery 23,070 8 mi
Piqua Miami 20,354 29.1 mi
Miamisburg Montgomery 19,923 11 mi
Springboro Warren 19.062 17.7 mi
Vandalia Montgomery 15,209 11.1 mi
Englewood Montgomery 13,463 15.2 mi
Clayton Montgomery 13,310 19.5
West Carrollton Montgomery 13,129 8.1 mi
Trenton Butler 13,021 28.1 mi
Franklin Warren 11,690 18.0 mi
Tipp City Miami 10,274 16.4 mi

Map of Cities Near Dayton OH and Surrounding Area

Interested in digging deeper into the surrounding cities in Dayton, Ohio? Discover your gem city and perfect place to call home, from quiet suburbs to exciting city living. With places like Kettering to the south, Fairborn to the northeast, and other hotspots across Butler County and Butler Township, the Dayton region offers diverse neighborhoods, including areas like Greenville and so many others that cater to all lifestyles and preferences in the Dayton area.

Small Cities & Towns Near Dayton

Looking for a quaint and charming city close to Dayton or cities in Dayton Ohio to call your forever home?

Here are small cities and towns near Dayton Ohio, all within 30 miles and each with a population below 10,000. These hidden gems offer a close-knit community feel and are perfect for those seeking a quieter lifestyle.

Please note that this list does not include unincorporated communities or villages such as Yellow Springs Village, so be sure to explore these and all other delightful spots to find your perfect retreat near the city!



Distance From Dayton OH

Oakwood Montgomery 9,572 2.9 mi
Eaton Preble 8,375 25.8 mi
Bellbrook Greene 7,317 15.6 mi
Union Montgomery 6,859 11.9 mi
Moraine Montgomery 6,393 4.7 mi
Brookville Montgomery 5,989 15.7 mi
Germantown Montgomery 5,796 14.9 mi
New Carlisle Clark 5,559 17.5 mi
Park Layne Clark 4,248 14.7 mi
Hunter Warren 3,363 23.3 mi
Wilberforce Greene 2,410 19.5 mi
Green Meadows Clark 2,373 18.0 mi
Drexel Montgomery 1,693 5.2 mi
Holiday Valley Greene 1,480 16.4 mi
Lawrenceville Clark 302 28.7

Major Cities Near Dayton Ohio

We’ve gone over the beautiful neighboring suburbs of the Dayton area, but what major cities are near Dayton Ohio?

Being in Southwest Ohio, Dayton is a short drive from major epicenters like those living in Cincinnati and Columbus, but it’s also surrounded by other big-time locales in Ohio, Indiana, Pennsylvania, and other nearby states. So whether you’re planning a move or a road trip, here’s a handful of the largest, closest cities close to Dayton!

Major Cities Near Dayton Ohio


Distance From Dayton

Cincinnati, OH 309,317 54.2 mi
Columbus, OH 905,748 71.9 mi
Indianapolis, IN 887,642 117.0 mi
Fort Wayne, IN 263,886 121.0 mi
Lexinton, KY 322,570 135.8 mi
Louisville, KY 246,161 152.5
Akron, OH 190,469 192.9 mi
Cleveland, OH 372,624 209.4 mi
Detroit, MI 639,111 210.5
Pittsburgh, PA 302,971 255.5 mi
Chicago, IL 2,746,388 298.4 mi
Nashville, TN 689,447 325.5 mi
St. Louis, MO 301,578 360.0 mi
Milwaukee, WI 577,222 394.5 mi
Buffalo, NY 278,349 394.9 mi


Dayton Area Cities FAQs

What Are the Closest Cities to Dayton OH?

The three closest cities to Dayton Ohio are Kettering, Riverside, and Oakwood.

What Is the Closest City to Dayton OH?

The closest city to Dayton, with a population over 25,000 is Kettering, OH.

What Major Cities Are Near Dayton OH?

The biggest and closest major cities near Dayton include Cincinnati, Columbus, Indianapolis, and Fort Wayne.

Discover the perfect place to call home among the diverse cities and towns near Dayton Ohio, and let the best Dayton movers help you with your transition. Call 513-942-7500 to ensure a smooth and stress-free move and settle into your new home with a smile!


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