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cities near cincinnati

Cities Near Cincinnati | 🗺️ Populations, Distances, Information, Data & Map

Last Updated on: 3rd October 2022, 09:24 am

Thinking about moving to Cincinnati or a nearby city? If you’re visiting the Cincinnati metropolitan area (Greater Cincinnati) and looking for places close to it to explore, take note that there are over 50 cities and CDPs near Cincinnati within a 30-mile radius. As the 29th most populous metropolitan area in the nation, here’s a complete guide to the closest cities to Cincinnati, OH sorted by size and distance.

Largest Cities & CDPs Near Cincinnati

The vibrant city of Cincinnati has a population of 302,687 and is well known for its lively art culture, MSL sports team, and delicious chili. Cincinnati is home to quality education, a thriving job market, and a relatively low cost of living which makes it especially attractive for families. Regarding the overall mood, it’s no secret that Cincinnati ranks in the top 8 most friendly cities in the U.S.

When it comes to stepping outside of the city limits of Cincinnati, you have numerous other cities and CDPs to choose from that are within a comfortable driving distance from the downtown. Keep in mind that many nearby cities of Cincinnati are not limited to the state of Ohio as many cities around Cincinnati are situated in Kentucky and southeast Indiana.

There are no major surrounding cities of Cincinnati with a population of over 50,000. However, there are several large cities and CDPs within 30 square miles. Here are the closest cities to Cincinnati with a population of at least 20,000.

Fairfield – 25 miles from Cincinnati

  • Population: 44,907
  • County: Butler and Hamilton

The quiet and family-friendly city of Fairfield, Ohio is in the south-central portion of Butler County. Situated roughly 30 minutes north of Cincinnati, Fairfield is the 4th largest city in Ohio and is safe, lively, picturesque, and full of recreational activities. In fact, Fairfield is home to over 300 acres of land for sports facilities and outdoor entertainment like at Joyce Park.

Fairfield has a relatively affordable cost of living whereas the median house price here sits at $265,000– about $35,000 above the state median. The city of Fairfield is best known for being home to the headquarters of several prominent companies such as Skyline Chili, Ohio Casualty, and Cincinnati Financial Corporation.

Find out more about living in Fairfield with our complete guide!

Covington – 1.6 miles from Cincinnati

  • Population: 40,961
  • County: Kenton County

As the 5th most populated city in Greater Cincinnati and the largest city in Northern Kentucky, Covington sits just 1.6 miles south of Cincinnati. This makes Covington the closest city to Cincinnati with a population of over 20,000. This vibrant urban community is bustling with bistros, relaxed taverns, restaurants, and waterfront hotels around every corner. Residents living in Covington can appreciate the city’s small and locally-owned businesses and popular annual events and festivals like the Mainstrasse Oktoberfest.

The affordable city of Covington is known for its numerous National Register historic districts and historic neighborhoods such as MainStrasse Village– home to classic pubs, Goebel Park, the iconic 1800s John A. Roebling Suspension Bridge, and breathtaking Cincinnati skyline views. The downtown commercial district in Covington offers several historical buildings, numerous art galleries, unique eateries, and dining districts. With a median home price that’s over $45,000 below the state median, Covington is a very affordable city to call home.

Discover more about moving to Covington!

Mason – 25.1 miles from Cincinnati

  • Population: 34,792
  • County: Warren

The very diverse and peaceful city of Mason, OH is about a 30-minute drive north of downtown Cincinnati in southwestern Warren County.

Mason OH is recognized for being home to Lindner Family Tennis Center– one of the largest tennis stadiums in the world. Likewise, the city also hosts one of the world’s top tennis tournaments known as the Western & Southern Open. Residents here further get to enjoy the city’s prominent amusement park known as Kings Island. There are also many top-rated water parks like Great Wolf Lodge Water Park and numerous high-end golf courses.

Mason OH has a median home price of $478,000– almost $250,000 above the state median. Mason OH is ideal for those who want to live in a safe and amenity-packed city with excellent schools, great shopping centers, and a high liking for sports and recreation.

Check out our living in Mason guide if you’re interested in the area!

Florence – 11.3 miles from Cincinnati

  • Population: 31,946
  • County: Boone County

Florence is a beautiful home rule-class city about 11 miles southwest of downtown Cincinnati. As the 2nd largest city in Northern Kentucky (following Covington), Florence is best known for its massive water tower reading “Florence Y’all”– a nationally-known landmark. It’s no surprise that the city’s pro baseball team is Florence Yalls. Florence offers excellent malls, parks, golf, a casino, and was even once the site of a Civil War Battle!


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From the secure neighborhoods to the welcoming neighbors, the family-friendly city of Florence has been ranked among Kentucky’s 25 safest cities. Florence is also home to one of the fastest-growing communities in the state.

If you’re looking for an affordable place to live, Florence does not disappoint. The median home price in Florence KY is $237,450 which is $10,550 below the Kentucky median house price.

Find out why you’ll love living in Florence, Kentucky!

Independence – 13.8 miles from Cincinnati

  • Population: 28,676
  • County: Kenton

The lovely city of Independence is located 14 miles south of Cincinnati and is situated in the heart of Kenton County. Independence was ranked as the nation’s 99th fastest-growing city.
On top of that, ranked Independence KY 1st for the lowest amount of crime in Kentucky. The cost of living here is also adequate with the median home price in Independence at $275,250.

While the city itself is large in size and close to urban amenities, ​​Independence retains a comfortable rural, small-town feel. When you’re not busy enjoying the city’s annual parades and community activities, you can get some exercise at the Kenton County Parks & Rec in Independence.

You can check out our ultimate moving to Independence KY guide!

Other Cities in Cincinnati

Many cities around Cincinnati have an abundance of historic amenities, outstanding attractions, remarkable recreational opportunities, and welcoming environments. Norwood is the 2nd most populated city in Hamilton County following Cincinnati. Likewise, Fort Tomas is the most populous city in Campbell County.

There are 18 cities in Cincinnati with a population of 10,000 to 25,000 within 25 miles of the city center. However, 8 of these are census-designated places (CDP) which are in bold.

Cities & CDPs Near Cincinnati (10,000 to 25,000 Population)

County Population (2020) Distance from Cincinnati 
Newport Campbell 14,150 1.8 mi
Fort Tomas Campbell 17,438 5 mi
Norwood Hamilton 19,043 7 mi
Monfort Heights Hamilton 12,070 8.5 mi
Erlanger Kenton 19,611 10 mi
Mack Hamilton 11,088 11 mi
White Oak Hamilton 19,541 11.1 mi
Bridgetown North Hamilton 14,732 11.2 mi
Finneytown Hamilton 12,399 11.8 mi
Reading Hamilton 10,600 12.4 mi
Northbrook Hamilton 10,912 12.6 mi
Dent Hamilton 12,301 13.8 mi
Blue Ash Hamilton 13,394 14.4 mi
Burlington Boone 17,318 16.7 mi
Springdale Hamilton 11,007 19.3 mi
Loveland Hamilton, Clermont, and Warren 13,307 20.6 mi
Harrison Hamilton 12,563 21.9 mi

Map of Cities Near Cincinnati & Surrounding Area

This map of Cincinnati’s surrounding cities shows all cities and CDPs near Cincinnati within 30 miles that have a population of at least 10,000.

Small Cities Near Cincinnati

There are 23 cities in Cincinnati with a population up to 10,000 within 20 miles of downtown Cincinnati. 11 of these are census-designated places (CDP) which are bolded.

Small Cities & CDPs near Cincinnati

County Population (2020) Distance from Cincinnati
Bellevue Campbell 5,786 2.9 mi
Covedale Hamilton 6,606 8.1 mi
Wilder Campbell 3,083 8.5 mi
Villa Hills Kenton 7,475 8.6 mi
Cheviot Hamilton 8,241 9.4 mi
Groesbeck Hamilton 7,959 10.3 mi
North College Hill Hamilton 9,663 10.4 mi
Skyline Acres Hamilton 1,916 11.1 mi
Madeira Hamilton 9,487 11.9 mi
Deer Park Hamilton 5,599 12.1 mi
Taylor Mill Kenton 6,805 12.2 mi
Kenwood Hamilton 7,570 12.5 mi
Wyoming Hamilton 8,540 12.9 mi
Mt Healthy Heights Hamilton 3,376 14.3 mi
Mt Carmel Clermont 4,813 14.7 mi
Oakbrook Boone 9,539 14.7 mi
Pleasant Run Hamilton 4,673 15.4 mi
Milford Clermont & Hamilton 6,582 15.4 mi
Mount Healthy Hamilton 6,845 16 mi
Francisville Boone 9,520 17.4 mi
Withamsville Clermont 7,357 17.4 mi
Grandview Hamilton 1,122 18.2 mi
Summerside Clermont 4,352 19.9 mi

Major Cities Near Cincinnati

Here is a chart of the largest cities around Cincinnati with a population of at least 100,000 and within 600 miles of the city center.

Major Cities Near Cincinnati Ohio


Distance from Cincinnati

Dayton, OH

140,444 54.2 mi
Lexington, KY 322,200

83 mi

Louisville, KY

618,733 100 mi
Columbus, OH 889,079

107 mi

Indianapolis, IN

869,387 112 mi
Fort Wayne, IN 268,378

179 mi

Toledo, OH

275,116 202 mi
Evansville, IN 118,414

218 mi

Akron, OH

197,375 233 mi
Cleveland, OH 383,331

250 mi

Ann Arbor, MI

121,093 250 mi
Knoxville, TN 187,487

251 mi

Detroit, MI

672,351 263 mi
Nashville, TN 692,587

274 mi

Pittsburgh, PA

301,286 288 mi
Chicago, IL 2,747,231

295 mi

Lansing, MI

117,488 316 mi
Springfield, IL 115,075

321 mi

Peoria, IL

122,644 322 mi
St. Louis, MO 304,709

350 mi

Grand Rapids, MI

199,417 365 mi
Milwaukee, WI 592,649

392 mi

Charlotte, NC

873,570 467 mi
Washington DC 701,974

506 mi

Baltimore, MD

602,274 512 mi
Philadelphia, PA 1,603,797

572 mi

Cincinnati Area Cities FAQs

What is the city closest to Cincinnati Ohio?

Covington is both the closest and largest city near Cincinnati OH.

What city is on the other side of Cincinnati?

Covington, Kentucky is the city adjacent to Cincinnati.

How many cities near Cincinnati are there?

There are over 50 cities and CDPs near Cincinnati within a 30-mile radius. 23 small cities with a population of less than 10,000 and 18 medium-sized cities with a population between 10,000 and 25,000. There are five more cities within 30 miles of Cincinnati with populations above 25,000.

As you can see, you’ll have numerous cities to explore while living in or visiting Cincinnati, Ohio! If you’re planning to relocate to or from the Cincinnati area, Bell Moving is more than ready to give you a smooth and stress-free move! Reach out to us today at 513-942-7500 for the best Cincinnati relocation services!


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