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Moving from Cincinnati to Cleveland | 🚚 #1 Cincinnati to Cleveland Movers

Last Updated on: 24th August 2021, 12:03 pm

Are you considering moving from Cincinnati to Cleveland? While the Queen City has a lot to love, it’s easy to see the appeal of the Forest City. Whether you’re moving for a job, to be closer to family, or just a change in climate and culture, a long-distance relocation comes with plenty of challenges.

Here’s what to expect when moving to Cleveland, the benefits of moving to Cleveland from Cincinnati, and what movers can do to help.

What Moving to Cleveland Is Like

If you’re already planning to hire Cincinnati to Cleveland movers, you may have a lot of questions about what to expect ahead of your move. What is living in Cleveland like? How will it be different from Cincinnati?

The cost of living in Cleveland versus Cincinnati is one thing to be prepared for. After moving from Cincinnati to Cleveland, you’ll notice homes are much more affordable, but not everything! The average home price in Cleveland is $105,000 compared to $215,000 in Cincinnati. Both have seen recent home appreciation of more than 20% year-over-year but the market is more competitive in Cleveland. Average rent is similar: $1,036 in Cincinnati versus Cleveland’s average rent of $1,152. Transportation and utilities are a bit more affordable in Cincinnati.


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Cincinnati and Cleveland also have very different cultures. Cincinnati is the oldest major city in Ohio and it feels more like the South with an industrial feel, beautiful Victorian and Art Deco architecture, and more of a small-town atmosphere. The vibe in Cleveland is different. Cleveland is more liberal with more nature, a great food scene, and a grittier, more “East Coast” feel. Living in Cleveland also means enjoying life on Lake Erie with far better scenery and outdoor activities than Cincinnati’s riverfront.
When you compare the climate in Cincinnati vs Cleveland, be ready to embrace the snow. The Cleveland climate is different than Cincinnati with average highs about 5 degrees colder than Cincinnati, far less rain, and tons of snow. Cleveland gets 54” of snow per year compared to just 15” in Cincinnati!

There are many reasons why people move from Cincinnati to Cleveland with a lot that’s drawing in millennials in particular. Cleveland is a great city for sports, home to a diverse population with over 100 nationalities, and it’s a great city for dating with 46% of its population made up of singles. It’s also home to one of America’s best hospitals with a culture big on staying active outdoors from boating on the lake to rock climbing, hiking, and cycling.

Benefits of Moving from Cincinnati to Cleveland

With so much to love about the Forest City, it’s easy to see why you’re considering moving from Cincinnati to Cleveland, OH. Here are just some of the reasons to trade the humidity of Cincinnati for the crisp air and excitement of Cleveland.

  • Enjoy a chillier climate. The Cincinnati vs Cleveland climate is pretty similar, but living in Cleveland is great if you love the snow and hate the heat and humidity. Summers are still very warm with July highs in the low 80s but there’s less rain so you can actually enjoy the outdoors.
  • Better outdoor recreation. Cleveland Metroparks features 100+ hiking trails, 5 nature centers, and 8 lakefront parks encircling the city. There’s a new public pump track for cyclists, kayaking, fishing, waterfalls, swimming, beaches, rock climbing gyms, golfing, and much more to explore!
  • Cleveland has a strong economy. Cincinnati and Cleveland often trade places as Ohio’s largest economy, but Cleveland definitely keeps pulling ahead. Cleveland’s GPD per capita ($58,000) is 70th in the US while Cincinnati is 81st and Columbus is 96th. Cleveland generally has a more diverse economy, although both cities have strong health care and financial sectors.
  • Cleveland actually has decent public transportation! One of the biggest drawbacks of living in Cincinnati? Its public transportation. Cleveland, meanwhile, has the RTA which is fairly expansive and efficient for a city of Cleveland’s size. Cleveland is also the only city in Ohio with extensive rapid rail plus two rapid bus lines.

There are some downsides of moving from Cincinnati to Cleveland. One of the biggest cons of living in Cleveland? It has a crime rate higher than Cincinnati! Cincinnati crime has actually improved in recent years and is confined to just a few areas. In comparison, Cleveland has a crime rate 140% above the national average with a violent crime rate 300% above the national average.

Cincinnati to Cleveland Movers

Ready for moving from Cincinnati to Cleveland but want to do it without the stress, hassle, and hard work? Professional Cincinnati to Cleveland movers are the solution to take the burden out of your long-distance relocation.

You can count on a long-distance Cincinnati to Cleveland moving company to arrive with the expertise, equipment, and training necessary for a seamless moving day. Here’s how you can benefit from working with professionals for your upcoming move:

  • No heavy lifting, furniture assembly, or difficult loading needed
  • Efficient, fast moving day with a team of trained specialists handling everything according to plan
  • Partial or full packing saves you worry and time while ensuring your belongings survive the long trip ahead
  • Overcome logistical problems and take the guesswork out of moving
  • No need to drive a moving truck hundreds of miles
  • Storage in Cincinnati or Cleveland if your home isn’t ready for all of your belongings
  • Enjoy a home in nearly move-in ready condition with unloading, furniture assembly, and even unpacking!

A professional long-distance moving company in Cincinnati takes the stress out of moving so you can focus on more important things.


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Why Bell Moving & Storage Is the Best Cincinnati to Cleveland Moving Company

When choosing Cincinnati to Cleveland movers, you deserve a good value that gives you peace of mind, dependable service, and a stress-free move. Not all movers in Cincinnati are up to the task of delivering the customer care and quality you deserve. To choose a dependable Cincinnati to Cleveland moving company, look for:

  • Licensed and insured
  • Low claims rate
  • Positive moving company reviews
  • Long history in the industry
  • Uniformed, background checked movers
  • Dedicated fleet of well-maintained trucks
  • Experience with Cincinnati to Cleveland moves
  • Services you’re looking for

Bell Moving & Storage has been the best long-distance moving company in the Ohio Valley for a century. Our family-owned and operated moving company is AMSA-certified and has served over 100,000 customers since 1922. We’ve earned hundreds of 5-star reviews on Google and Yelp thanks to our commitment to fair pricing, stellar customer service, and dependability.

Cincinnati to Cleveland Moving Cost

How much does it cost to move from Cincinnati to Cleveland? You don’t need to pay a fortune to benefit from professional movers to help with every aspect of your move.

When you request a Cincinnati to Cleveland moving quote, it will be based on factors like:

  • Distance
  • Volume of your belongings
  • Your move-in and move-out dates
  • Services you request
  • Whether you need storage at your origin or destination

The best way to find out your cost is to give us a call for a free Cincinnati to Cleveland moving estimate based on an accurate virtual or in-home assessment.

Cincinnati to Cleveland Distance & Travel Info

One of the perks of hiring Cincinnati to Cleveland movers is saving yourself the hassle of long-distance move and driving a large moving truck. However, you’ll still need to plan how you’ll get yourself, family, and pets to your new Cleveland home.

The distance from Cincinnati to Cleveland is 250 miles or 3 hours, 45 minutes driving. If you decide to drive, it’s an easy drive through Columbus along I-71 N.

Don’t want to drive? Selling your car before your move? There are other options for moving from Cincinnati to Cleveland. You’ll find flights from Cincinnati (CVG) to Cleveland (CLE) starting around $125. There are no airlines that offer direct flights between the two cities; layovers are usually in Chicago, Charlotte, Philadelphia, or Washington DC.

While Amtrak is looking to expand routes in Ohio with a Cincinnati-Dayton-Columbus-Cleveland corridor, that route isn’t yet a reality. To take Amtrak, you’ll need to travel from Cincinnati Union Terminal to Chicago Union Terminal then on to the Cleveland Lakefront Station.

Looking forward to everything awaiting you in Cleveland? Get started today with a free moving quote from the award-winning Cincinnati to Chicago movers at Bell Moving & Storage! Call 513-942-7500 today to get started.


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