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Cincinnati Public Transportation Guide

Cincinnati Public Transportation [2024] | ULTIMATE Getting Around Cincinnati Guide

Last Updated on: 24th August 2021, 12:34 pm

Whether you are a student, a daily commuter, or a retiree, getting around in Cincinnati without a car can be difficult depending on where you’re headed. Thankfully, Cincinnati public transportation allows you to easily access the city’s most popular neighborhoods, shopping, and local amenities.

From Go Metro’s buses to nearby bike-sharing programs, the following options for public transportation in Cincinnati will help you get where you are going without a problem.

Cincinnati Bus Service | Go Metro

With Go Metro, you can easily find out how to get around in Cincinnati to run errands, go to work, or visit your friends. This metro service is operated by the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority (SORTA). Along with Metro buses, SORTA also runs Access buses for people who have disabilities and can’t ride standard Metro buses.

Go Metro Routes & Service Area 

Go Metro focuses on the city of Cincinnati, but riders can transfer between the Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky (TANK) and Go Metro at the Metro’s Government Square hub. Metro doesn’t serve Northern Kentucky, so residents must transfer while at the downtown hub if they want to leave the state.


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With Go Metro, you can quickly start getting around Cincinnati destinations like workplaces, government buildings, and schools. For example, route 17 will take you to the Art Academy of Cincinnati, Cincinnati State, Southern Ohio College, Hebrew Union College, and the University of Cincinnati. You can use Go Metro to reach major hospitals, the Taft Museum, Cincinnati Zoo, Eden Park, and the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport.

You can get the Go Metro complete Cincinnati regional system map here, or the Go Metro Cincinnati downtown map here.

Go Metro Fares & Monthly Costs

This Cincinnati public transportation option is surprisingly affordable. If you simply need public transportation in Cincinnati in the city itself, you only pay $1.75. If you are traveling to Hamilton County, it costs $2.65.

The fare is charged according to the zone you are in, so you will generally pay more for longer trips. As an example, traveling to Warren County involves crossing five zones, so it costs $4.25. If you are only using the Route 85 Riverfront parking shuttle, you only have to pay $0.50.

To save money on your Go Metro public transportation in Cincinnati, you can pay for a monthly or daily pass. A day pass costs $4.50 for zone 1 and $6.30 for zone 2. For a monthly pass, you pay based on the locations you will be traveling to.

  • Zone 1: $70
  • Zone 2: $106
  • Zone 4: $140
  • Clermont zone: $150
  • Metro zone 5: $170 to travel anywhere in the Metro system
  • Metro/TANK pass: $105 to travel in zone 1 and local TANK options

Contact Information for Go Metro

Getting Around Cincinnati by Streetcar | Cincinnati Bell Connector

If you are looking for the best way to get around Cincinnati, the Cincinnati Bell Connector is an excellent choice. This streetcar runs on a 3.6-mile loop through some of the city’s most popular communities. It connects the riverfront portions of Cincinnati like downtown and the Banks.


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Streetcar Routes & Service Area

This Cincinnati public transportation option can take you throughout the downtown and Over-the-Rhine area. In order to ride it, you will have to hop on at one of their 18 various stations.

Streetcar Fares & Monthly Costs

Thankfully, learning how to use public transportation in Cincinnati is fairly simple. You can even buy a streetcar pass from a vending machine in the downtown area. A two-hour pass costs only $1.

To get a full-day pass, you only have to spend $2 total. Children who are between 35 and 45 inches tall pay $0.50 as long as they have an Access ID or Fare Deal card. If the child is under 35 inches tall, they ride for free.

You can also ride for free if you have already purchased a 30-day or single-day pass from Go Metro.

Contact Information for Cincinnati Bell Connector

Other Options for Getting Around in Cincinnati

Through public transportation in Cincinnati, you can easily reach your desired destination. Along with buses and streetcars, there are other options for getting around in Cincinnati as a senior, student, or someone without a vehicle. From bike-sharing services to taxis, these transportation companies will help you travel between point A and point B.

Bike Sharing & Scooters

Along with major bike and scooter-sharing companies like Lime, Bird, and Jump, you can also find local bike-sharing programs. Cincinnati Red Bike has more than 59 stations and 500 bikes around the city.


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This low-cost, environmentally-friendly transportation method costs only $5 a month. For this amount, you get unlimited, two-hour bike rides for a span of 30 days.

Walking in Cincinnati

If you don’t like other Cincinnati public transportation programs, you always have the option of walking. Over-the-Rhine and the Central Business District in town are both extremely walkable. The West End and Mount Auburn are also fairly good for walking as well, making this an option if you don’t have a vehicle.

Cincinnati Taxis & Rideshare

With Yellow Taxi Cincinnati and the Cincinnati Airport Taxi services, you can get a more flexible traveling option. In addition, major companies like Lyft and Uber have a strong presence in Cincinnati as well. If you use the latter options, you can easily access vehicles throughout the city by using the relative app on your mobile device.

Cincinnati Public Transportation to Top Destinations

If you are headed to a popular destination, there is Cincinnati public transportation you can use to get there. You may always check with the public transportation service to find out the route’s schedule.

  • Cincinnati Zoo: To reach the Cincinnati Zoo, you can take the Metro route 1, 46, 28x, or 78. You can also use a Red Bike or a taxi.
  • Newport Aquarium: If you want to go to the Newport Aquarium, you can hop on Metro route 4, 11, 17, 23x, or 31.
  • Cincinnati Art Museum: You can use the Metro bus system to easily access the Cincinnati Art Museum. The route you use will depend on where you are coming from.
  • Coney Island Amusement Park: To reach Coney Island, you can take the Metro route 1, 8, 12, 24, or 75x.

Cincinnati Transportation FAQ

How do I get from Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport to downtown Cincinnati?

While a cab will cost you around $34, you can use TANK to reach downtown Cincinnati for just $2. With route 2x, it takes only about 40 minutes or less to make it to the downtown area.

What public transportation is in Cincinnati, OH?

  • Go Metro
  • Cincinnati Bell Connector
  • Cincinnati Red Bike
  • Taxis
  • Walking

Do you need a car to get around Cincinnati?

Having a car makes getting to your destination faster and easier, although owning a vehicle can be prohibitively expensive in the city. If you want to avoid parking fees and gas costs, you can definitely get around the area using other reliable Cincinnati public transportation options like the Metro or streetcar. It is also fairly easy to get by without owning a car if you live in one of the more walkable neighborhoods.

Cincinnati Public Transportation Makes Traveling Simple

Through dependable public transportation in Cincinnati, you can easily find routes to major destinations as well as areas close to your home. The Metro also offers easy transfers and connections to TANK and other transportation methods.

Cincinnati public transportation also includes options for people who care about their physical health or the environment. Through walking, bike share, and rideshare programs, you have even more ways to get to your destination. By spending a few minutes looking up your route, you can easily travel the city while spending less money on your transportation costs.

Are you looking up public transportation in the area because you’ll be relocating to Cincinnati soon? Trust the top-rated movers here at Bell Moving to handle the job! Call us today at (513) 942-7500 or complete the Request a Quote form above for a free moving estimate!


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