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Cincinnati Moving Costs | 🤷‍♂️ How Much Do Movers Cost in Cincinnati?

Last Updated on: 27th July 2022, 12:03 pm

Are you moving to Cincinnati, relocating in the metro area, or getting ready for a long-distance relocation? No matter where your move is taking you, there is one question that is probably on your mind: how much does it cost to move in Cincinnati?

There’s no doubt that moving can be expensive as well as stressful. Understanding the factors affecting Cincinnati moving costs can help you budget for your relocation while getting the help you need. Here’s a breakdown of moving costs to expect and factors that impact your rates. Just note that this will primarily cover local moving costs within the metro area that are completed same-day. Unlike long-distance moves, these moves usually have hourly rates.

Factors That Affect Your Moving Costs in Cincinnati

There are nearly a dozen factors that affect your Cincinnati moving costs. Because professional movers charge an hourly moving rate for local moves, anything that increases the amount of time it takes to finish your move will increase the total movers cost in Cincinnati.

How much are movers in Cincinnati? With a local move, the amount of time your move takes is the biggest factor affecting your cost, but it’s not the only thing that matters. Here are some of the most important things considered to give you an accurate moving estimate.

Moving Distance

The distance between your origin and destination is one of the biggest factors directly affecting your moving estimate in Cincinnati. Is there usually traffic? Will a large truck need to take a different route than a car?

Volume of Belongings

As you probably expect, the amount of belongings that need to be packed, loaded, and moved will increase the amount of time your relocation takes and how much your move costs. This is why it’s a good idea to let go of items you don’t want to pay to move.

Your Moving Dates

While the distance and the amount of belongings you’re moving probably seem like the two biggest factors affecting moving rates in San Diego, many other factors are considered. The day and even the season you move can play a significant role in your moving cost.

  • The summer is peak moving season when moving companies are busiest and rates are usually higher.
  • The first and last days of the month are usually very busy and may have higher moving rates. This is when most people move and most leases end.
  • Weekends often have higher moving rates than weekdays.


The accessibility of your origin and destination affects how easy it is to complete your move and how long it takes. That means it also affects your moving cost. How far will the moving truck be from your apartment or home? Loading is fast and efficient when the truck is parked right in front of your home, but it becomes more time-consuming the farther movers need to carry items and walk back.

Stairs & Elevators

Does your home have multiple floors, or are you moving from or into a condo or apartment building? Floors and stairs add time to your move. While elevators may seem preferable, they are slower than stairs, yet less physically exhausting for movers. The total number of floors in the building, the floor you are on, and whether the building has a loading dock or service elevator can all affect your moving costs.

Packing Services

The services you need are considered when you request moving quotes in Cincinnati. Packing services can save you time and worry. They can even save you money by avoiding time off work to pack and unpack while reducing the risk of damaged belongings. While convenient, packing is done at the same hourly moving rate and increases the time and cost of your relocation.

The cost for packing services depends on how much help you need. You can customize your services with partial or full packing services and even unpacking. With partial packing, movers will only pack or crate items that you need help with to lower your cost and make sure fragile or valuable items are protected.

Packing Supplies

Are you having the movers help with packing? While the work is done at an hourly rate, you’ll also pay for the cost of packing supplies. This flat rate will be added to your moving costs.

Just keep in mind moving companies usually have lower prices than big box retailers on moving boxes, shrink wrap, and other packing supplies. You’ll need packing supplies anyway even if you do your own packing.

Furniture Assembly/Disassembly

It takes time to remove and wrap up furniture legs, take apart sectionals, secure trays and doors on furniture, and disconnect appliances. This additional work will make your move take longer, even though moving professionals are very efficient.

Special Items

If you have belongings that need special care, such as antiques, a piano, or a large mirror, they will require extra time and effort. Certain items may even require specialized equipment or additional movers.

Full Service Movers vs DIY Moving in Cincinnati

Curious if it’s even worth it to hire full-service movers over doing it all yourself? Don’t underestimate the difficulty and stress of moving, ranked as more stressful than getting married, getting divorced, and having kids! According to a large survey, 43% of people who completed their last move on their own would never do it again. 94% of respondents who hired movers said it was worth the cost. Here’s why:

  • Reduced risk of lost or damaged belongings with professional packing
  • Move-in ready home with furniture assembly and unpacking
  • No heavy lifting or risk of physical injury
  • Save time and worry with packing, loading, driving, and unloading handled by experts
  • No need to rent or drive a commercial moving truck
  • The right equipment, supplies, and techniques paired with an efficient plan and experience for a faster, safer, easier moving experience

Average Moving Costs in Cincinnati | Cincinnati Moving Estimates

When you are hiring movers in Cincinnati for a local relocation, you will usually receive an hourly mover rate for a specific number of movers. The standard rate usually includes two movers, but you can add additional movers for a higher hourly rate. While additional movers cost more, a larger crew can complete your move faster.

Based on the details of your relocation, a professional moving company should be able to recommend the appropriate number of movers for the right sized crew and the lowest moving rate.

How much do movers cost in Cincinnati? Here are estimates for common household sizes. To estimate your Cincinnati moving costs, multiply the estimated move time for your home size based on the hourly rate you are quoted for the required number of movers.

Be aware there may be additional charges on top of the hourly rate such as packing supplies. Some moving companies also charge a truck fee for local moves.

Cost to Move a 1 Bedroom Apartment in Cincinnati

How much does it cost to move an apartment in Cincinnati? For a studio or one-bedroom apartment, you will probably need two movers. Your move will take 3 to 6 hours. You can generally multiply standard moving rates in Cincinnati by three to six hours.

Cost to Move a 2 Bedroom Apartment in Cincinnati

For a two-bedroom apartment, your move will probably still take 3 to 6 hours but require three movers. You will pay a higher hourly rate and your move will be completed in the same amount of time.

Cost to Move a Home in Cincinnati

How long your move takes will depend on the size of your home. For a smaller home, it will take 3-4 movers about 4 to 7 hours. If you have a three- or four-bedroom home, plan for a larger crew taking 10 or more hours.

Call for accurate moving company Cincinnati prices that are based on your home size, services, moving dates, and more. Keep in mind you will need to get a binding moving quote if you are getting ready for a long-distance move.

Tips to Make Your Cincinnati Relocation More Affordable

There are many ways to keep your Cincinnati moving costs as low as possible.

  • Get instructions and approval from your HOA, property manager, landlord, or building about a week before your move. This reduces costly delays or issues on moving day.
  • Handle any of the prep work you are comfortable doing yourself. You can disconnect appliances, pack all or just some of your belongings, make sure everything is organized, disassemble furniture, and unplug electronics with the controllers and cords secured.
  • If possible, schedule your moving date for a more affordable day. Avoid weekends and the beginning and end of the month if you can.
  • Donate or sell items you don’t want to pay to move!
  • Take care of some or all of the packing yourself. You can save fragile, antique, or special items for the movers who will custom crate and professionally pack them to avoid damage. You may be able to handle items like clothing, toys, collectibles, and home décor.
  • Be ready to direct the movers on moving day. Point out what needs to be packed (or have it all in one central place) and let them know where things go.
  • Have drinks and snacks for the movers. Hydrated, comfortable movers are able to work more efficiently and with better care to ultimately save you money.

How to Choose a Cincinnati Moving Company

Do not let cost be your main consideration when hiring movers. The best affordable movers in Cincinnati offer the professionalism, reliability, and experience you need to avoid delays and surprises during your transition. Here’s what to look for in trustworthy movers:

  • Licensed, insured moving company
  • Uniformed, trained, and background checked movers
  • Years of experience performing similar relocations
  • Positive reviews and testimonials
  • Proper equipment and well-maintained trucks to safely relocate all types of belongings
  • Competitive pricing without hidden fees or a high upfront deposit
  • Low claims rate

Bell Moving & Storage is a 4th generation, family-owned moving company that has served the Cincinnati area since 1922. A Wheaton Van Lines partner for over 30 years, our movers have earned 5-star Yelp and Google reviews and numerous awards. With more than 98 years in business and over 100,000 successful relocations, we have the expertise necessary for moves large and small.

Additional Cincinnati Moving Tips

  • How much should you tip movers in Cincinnati? Tipping movers in Cincinnati is a good way to show appreciation for impressive service. The general guideline is $25 per mover, or about $5 per mover per hour.
  • Have your utilities turned on a few days before moving in. Here’s a complete guide to utilities in Cincinnati with info on how to turn on or transfer utilities.
  • Our Ultimate Cincinnati Moving Checklist makes it easy to stay on top of your moving to-do list.

Ready to get the professional help you’re looking for to make moving day a breeze? Call Bell Moving & Storage today for a free Cincinnati moving quote; we’ll help you stay on budget with affordable movers committed to excellent service.


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