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4 Tips for Moving Into an Apartment

Last Updated on: 29th June 2024, 08:32 am

There are certain moving-related challenges that you come across regardless of the size of your new home. You have to figure out how to best pack your fine china and other delicate items, how to squeeze moving into your already tight schedule, and where to put everything as you unpack.

If you are moving into an apartment, however, you’re about to encounter an additional set of challenges related to the small size of your space and its close proximity to other units. Here are some moving tips to help address moving-related challenges unique to apartment dwellers.

  1. Clean Before You Move In

Cleaning before you move in is helpful in any home, but it’s essential in an apartment. You simply don’t have the space to move furniture to another room while you shampoo a carpet or scrub a wall. Cleaning when the apartment is empty takes less time, allows you to be more thorough, and means you can set furniture right in place as it’s carried in from the moving truck.

Planning a cleaning day prior to your official move-in day also gives you the chance to pick up your keys, give the apartment a once-over, and confirm moving plans with your landlord or rental company before the moving trucks start to arrive.

  1. Measure All of the Doorways

Especially in a small apartment, it’s hard to estimate the size of a doorway accurately. You may assume a certain sofa will fit, only for it to arrive and not fit through the front door. Don’t trust the measurements sent to you by the landlord or rental company. They may not reflect any more recent modifications to the unit. Visit the apartment yourself, and measure the height and width of each of the doorways, hallways, and walkways.

In order for a piece of furniture to be moved safely through a doorway, its dimensions should be four inches less than those of the doorway. For example, if your doorway is 32 inches wide, you can count on fitting furniture that is 28 inches wide or less through that doorway. You need that extra space for your hands and to maneuver the furniture properly.

  1. Move During Work Hours

In an apartment, you typically have neighbors either upstairs, downstairs, or next to your unit. You don’t want to disturb these people by carrying boxes in at midnight.

If at all possible, plan to do most of your moving during the daytime work hours. Chances are, your neighbors will at work so you won’t have to worry about being quiet. You’ll also have an easier time finding a parking spot for the moving truck during the day when others are gone.

Since your neighbors are close when you live in an apartment, you want to be courteous to them throughout the move. Clean up the hallways, stairways, and parking areas after you’ve moved in. Introduce yourself to anyone you meet, and if you play music while unloading the truck, keep it at a reasonable volume.

  1. Hire a Moving Company That Has Experience With Apartment Moves

Before you hire a moving company, verify that they have the experience and equipment to handle an apartment move. Some companies are not equipped to maneuver items up stairways and through tight corners, or their movers may not have experience in these situations.

Bell Moving & Storage has experience with apartment moves. We can help you move your things into your apartment space, keeping them safe along the way. Keep the tips above in mind as you navigate the moving process, and contact us today to start discussing our services.


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