Items to Move Yourself Even When Hiring a Moving Company

happy young couple unpacking boxes and moving into a new home

Moving companies have the equipment and expertise necessary to move most household items, including the oddly shaped, overly heavy and otherwise hard-to-move things you own. There are some things you shouldn’t send with a moving company when you relocate, though. Here are some items you’ll want to move yourself even when you hire a moving company.

How to Protect Your Back When Moving

One of your biggest fears when moving may be that you’ll strain or injure your back. All of the packing, lifting, and loading can be tough on your body, and especially on your back. However, most injuries are avoidable if you follow these tips to protect your back during a move. 1. Lift Properly You’ve probably heard the advice to … Read More

5 Tips For Decluttering Before A Big Move

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4 Tips for Moving Into an Apartment

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Are You Pregnant and Moving? What You Need to Know

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The First Week: Make Settling Into Your New Home Easier

When planning a move, people often assume that once they arrive at their new home, the hard part is over. But that first week — when you’re settling into a new job, getting the kids used to a new school, and still trying to find a place for your knickknacks — can be just as busy and challenging as the … Read More

Typical Moving Restrictions and the Reasons Behind Them

If you plan to relocate soon, you should know the restrictions moving companies have on what they can and cannot carry. These restrictions may inconvenience you, but the movers have good reasons for them. Below are some of the common moving restrictions and why moving companies have them.

3 Packing And Moving Myths, Debunked

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Precautions to Prevent Damage to Items During a Move

If you want to move, you should plan how you will keep your items safe during the move before your moving day comes. Otherwise, you may have to replace or repair your items due to damage during relocation. Here are some precautions you can take to safeguard your goods. Use Appropriate Moving Boxes You have to get your packing right … Read More